Monday, 11 April 2011

Haul & Swatches: MAC Quite Cute

My MAC order finally arrived last week and I was really pleased with everything I bought. My only criticism of ordering through Debenhams is that the delivery time is slow, it took from the Friday I ordered until the next Friday to receive it, even although dispatch times are quick (it was sent on the Saturday). Really what is a package doing from Saturday to Friday? It's ridiculous! Anyway, you get your beauty card points, they had 10% off again and I got a couple of fragrance samples with my order. So let's take a took at the goodies...
Sakura Mineralize Blush, wasn't quite as lilac as I was expecting (just an observation, not good or bad) and it's incredibly soft. As I said pre-purchase it's impossible to use the two colours separately unless you're using an eyeshadow brush and using it for a small application like on the eye. The pink heart is very vivid, metallic and will add a nice punch to the cool lilac when swirled together.
Playing Koi (satin) Lipstick, I actually squealed when I took this out, so pretty in the tube. It's a bright peach nude and I can see how it wouldn't work on many complexions (i.e. on darker skin it's going to look white). On me it erases my natural lip colour and my lips look ever so slightly darker and peachier than my skin-it's what a true nude should look like. Adding a gloss over this will bring it to life a little more, but I can see me wearing this a lot anyway. Lips must be thoroughly scrubbed and moisturised with this though as it can settle into lines or dry, flaky skin.
Naked Liner Lip Pencil-I didn't expect this to be a good match necessarily with Playing Koi, but it seems my trio of lip products could be my new nude heroes! It's brighter than I expected and a little more drying than the Test Pattern pencil I already own by MAC.
Now for the star buy, Bubble Tea Plushglass, a plumping gloss which I've never tried before. It looks similar to tinted lipglass, the same size and packaging but with a matte lid rather than glossy. Now, I have a sometime addiction to lip plumpers. If you've tried any type of gloss that tingles or stings you may know what I mean. Some of them hurt like hell, but then you actually grow to like it and need that buzz every time you apply! Anyway...this one isn't the baddest ass of the burners, it's pretty tame, in fact it's more like my beloved Pout Plump which cools rather than burns and I find that much more lip friendly (so much so that I wear PP in bed every night)! I really, really like this gloss, so much so that I placed an order with MAC last night to grab another couple of colours to try out. This one was probably the darkest in the Quite Cute collection and the colour is sheer, but there is a hint of nude there and such a gorgeous, glossy shine that does indeed make your lips look fuller. The gloss itself isn't sticky and although it doesn't taste of anything it smells amazing, like cake mixture (rather than the usual vanilla) and it was practically for that reason alone that I reordered. I have other lip products that smell exactly the same but off the top of my head, I can't think of which ones they are! I seriously recommend these and am disappointed in myself for not trying them sooner.
My latest order is for Ample Pink and Wildly Lush (both permanent items), plus Honeylove lipstick and I got another lip pencil to try, Subculture. I'm sorry I didn't have time to let you know the MAC site was back up and running, if you have placed an order between the 6th-10th you should receive a free Haute & Naughty mascara automatically with your order. On that note Clinique and Estee Lauder are also back selling on their site, so here's a couple of discount codes for some free gifts with your order.

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  1. Oooh i love the look of Playing Koi. I think I just fell in love! (I know, that was quick!) :)



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