Saturday, 23 April 2011

Comparison Swatches: MAC Plushglass v Too Faced Glamour Gloss

As I said yesterday, I realised which gloss MAC Plushglass reminded me of in my collection, it is of course Too Faced Glamour Gloss (can't believe it took a week for me to figure that out). I love TF GG and have raved about them since I first got them and because Plushglass is so similar, it's obvious I would fall for it's charms too! Both glosses smell exactly the same (like cookie dough or something) and have a glassy sheen, sheer-ish colours and a refreshing, cooling tingling feel on the lips which I adore. The differences other than the packaging (TF has a gorgeous jewel on the lid) are that TF is brush on, MAC has a doefoot applicator. MAC retails for £16 for 4.2ml and surprisingly TF is smaller (although it looks larger) at 3.6ml and costs £15 (the prices have gone up loads on TF lately).
I own three TF Glamour Glosses; from back Sex Pot, Pillow Talk and First Time. My most recent was SP and I nearly didn't buy it because the tester colour looked really bright purple (I think the warm lights had changed all the colours), but you have to remember that they are quite sheer and in reality this gives a lovely colour to the lips-I'm so glad I got it instead of the pale peach I was going for. Unfortunately, I don't know if it's just my Boots, but there are only very few colours to choose from in the UK and honestly I'd buy tonnes more if only we'd get them over here!
Then all my babies together; for more Plushglass swatches see yesterdays post, colours are from back, Ample Pink, Girl ♥ Boy, Sex Pot, Pillow Talk, Bubble Tea, First Time and Wildly Lush.
Considering First Time and Wildly Lush look so alike in the tube, they swatch completely differently. WL is much lighter, goldy and with shimmer, First Time is more peachy in comparison. Pillow Talk and Bubble Tea are also quite alike, PT just has more colour to it and is a little darker. I think at the end of the day it just comes down to preference as to whether you choose MAC or Too Faced, both versions absolutely get the thumbs up from me-will certainly be buying more of both.


  1. The packaging on the Too Faced glosses is much cuter, but I really don't care for either gloss. Both feel weird on my lips, and the Glamour Gloss feels like medicine on my lips.

  2. i do not know how you afford all this lovely make up :) I love the light pink gloss, wants!


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