Thursday, 21 April 2011

Inspiretty #79

A kinda lacklustre Inspiretty today-I really don't know how it got to this time and I haven't really done anything! I've been making new header banners for both blogs and it's so easy to waste hours playing around with pictures, colours and fonts! This dress popped into my inbox this morning, new in at River Island, very Easter like I thought!


  1. That's such a pretty dress. I love halter necks.


  2. Oh that's gorgeous. Love the deliberate effect with the underskirt - I usually unintentionally create that by not pulling my skirt down properly!

    Did the Matalan dress not fit you properly? This is properly squishing my chest in, so I don't know how anyone with boobs would cope with it!

  3. Very pretty!
    I think River Island has gotten so much better in the last year. Especially at Christmas, they had so many cute accessories


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