Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Preview: Vivienne Westwood/Melissa AW11

I'm so excited because the Vivienne Westwood Anglomania & Melissa AW11 shoes are available for pre-order from Hervia now! Yipee! Expected delivery is July and here's all the details.
First up we have the gorgeous Lady Dragon Pom Pom! Yep a freakin' rubber pom pom like my Touche Kouche from Office. Ahhhh! My favourite colour is definitely the peppermint , just awesome! Other colours from top are black, blush and smoke, priced £120.
The bootie is back in plain black £90.
A new style are these cameo flats, £84, the cameo detail is quite delightful, in either vanilla, dove, blush or smoke.
Check out the glittering amazingness of the Lady Dragon hearts this season! All styles feature a metallic heart and the bronze glitter pair are probably my favourite because of the sheer sparkle overload! You can also get pearl with a red heart, red on red or black on black, £120 each.
Another brand new style and pretty fabulous I might add, are the Skyscraper, which has the much loved curved lines of Vivienne Westwood courts. These styles come in flocked fabric and are pretty undetectable as "jelly shoes". I'm not totally convinced of the colours (aside from the black), but I'm sure if they prove popular enough they'll be revamped another season. Black, red or camel £128.
Finally, remember the pirate buckle heels new last season? Well they've been combined with the Ultragirl flats for these swashbuckling beauts! In nautical shades of red, navy or cream, £84. Think you'll be buying any? I certainly want to try the Skyscraper and am lusting after a pair of Lady Dragons with pom poms!


  1. Oh, I am just dying for the glittery heart heels! <3

  2. I too am a total sucker for the glitter Lady Dragons, although I love the red on red and the black on black hearts as well. I like the buckle flats as well, but the rest is a bit disappointing for me personally.

    Can't wait to get my hands on the glitters!!!

  3. Oooh arrrrrr shipmates, loving those pirate shoes!

  4. After my holiday, I'm saving up for the black-on-black. So beautiful!

  5. Shimmer touch in Vivienne Westwood Anglomania dragon heart shoes is amazing!


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