Tuesday, 5 April 2011

My Tesco Obsession...

Eugh my computer keeps flashing up signs that there's a possible malware/phishing alert thing going on. It's when I'm trying to sign into eBay, when I went on the Boots website, Tesco, just anything really and it's annoying! I've spent the last couple of hours running scans, doing updates, defragmenting, just anything to try and sort it out. I'm already very vigilant with my computer though when it comes to anti-virus and updates etc and although it's removing the threat every time, I just don't like tempting fate by keeping clicking on possible problem sites. Anyway, hopefully it's a storm in a tea-cup (wow, haven't heard that saying for years)! Blogger is still pissing me off with this annoying spacing issue that I keep talking about, it's really deterring me from blogging (especially on The Shoe Girl Diaries) unless I know I have pictures to fill in the slots between each paragraph or line. Didn't realise quite what a neat freak I was about my blog until this happened! It certainly doesn't run into real life though-I spent 2 hours today trying to tidy up my room and I've made very little impression on it. I have a bag for the charity shop, a bag for the paper bin and a massive one of rubbish. I'm knackered now, so I've given up for today! I really wanted to get out for a walk because it's really warm and sunny, but I've kinda missed the boat now, oops! Anyway the pics throughout this post (in between my paragraphs, grr) are all the Tesco dresses I've bought recently! I said I was bored with my current wardrobe and this should revitalise it for now. I had to place another order at the weekend, because I spotted they had this floral bow dress (below) very like the Be Beau one which I'm taking back to Matalan tomorrow. If you recall that one was super small, so hopefully the Tesco will be a better fit-although I'm not quite as sold on the colours of the flowers, I preferred the Matalan. I think I ordered the pink spotty bow one with that-I can't quite remember because I was hurrying and couldn't make my mind up! Most of them are from the limited range which have a faster turnover than the rest of the range. The grey floral is probably the most different out of this lot in style because it's floaty, the navy floral in contrast is really thick, stiff twill. The black and white heart and orange floral are my most recent and they both have net underneath and the navy polka dot didn't if I remember rightly. I haven't had the chance to wear any yet, just quickly tried them on, but the fit seems to be true to size and they mostly go to my knee or just above (but again the memory is going..)! They've been dispatched along with my Peacocks/Pearl Lowe and MAC/Debenhams but I haven't received any parcels today (they'll wait until the two hours I'm out of the house tomorrow returning the Matalan stuff I'm sure, another thing to annoy me)!


  1. Ah, my computer was yelling at me for signing into ebay last week. As long as you have a good malware I'm sure you'll be fine! I'll be checking out some of thoose dresses on tesco now too.


  2. ahh, tesco order about to be placed - thank you for your help :) Xx


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