Monday, 18 April 2011

Thank You!

Thank you for all your lovely comments regarding my new hair colour, it seems to be a hit! Last week when I was shopping I got a "look at that girls hair, the colours are beautiful" from the lady on the Dior counter, a yell from an elderly lady across a shop "love your hair colour!" and then another older lady stopped me to ask how I managed to create three colours in my hair. She was most enamoured with the purple and I had to admit it was a lucky and unexpected turn that created that colour! I'm feeling much more at home with it now and although it doesn't feel quite as bright as when I first coloured it, the colours seem to be lasting quite well. I'll be doing a rundown of my makeup from Friday soon and remember you can usually find my makeup and hair looks each day over on The Shoe Girl Diaries, as I don't often get time to post the specific details here.


  1. Having just looked over on the shoe girl diaries, I'd be really interested to see how you store your shoes? and just how many are there haha
    Loving the hairrr reminds me of the old turquoise days

  2. Think I must have missed your hair post but I just wanted to say that it looks gorgeous! Haha, I love the fact that people were shouting compliments across shops at you.

  3. Your hair is so so pretty!


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