Sunday, 10 April 2011

Peacocks/Pearl Lowe Enid Butterfly Dress

Hello chicas! What a beautiful weekend, this weather is amazing! Perhaps the wrong time to be sitting inside with all my eBay auctions going on-although I'm not a sun worshiper or very good in heat anyway. If you follow my Facebook page, you'll perhaps be aware that I uploaded a couple of videos to my YouTube channel of my Peacocks/Pearl Lowe dresses. I figured this was the quickest way to show you all the dress details as I'd be forever sorting through pics.

Overall, I wasn't quite as deflated with my purchases as I first thought-however it looks likely I'll be returning both. On with the positives first with the pink Enid butterfly dress. It has all of the lovely details like my black/green floral one from a few seasons back i.e. the floaty, winged sleeves, nice facings around the square neckline with frills and I like that the skirt is gathered at the sides of the hips (and back) as it hangs really beautifully. With the black one I took the slip out from underneath as it never sat right and wasn't that great quality, but the ivory one underneath this dress didn't feel as cheap as the black.

However the tie around the waist is slightly different and this is where it's not so good. I find my floral dress too shapeless (even with those pretty details), the ties are attached to the front and sides of the dress and I usually wrap them around my waist multiple times to create that Grecian type of waist detail. With the pink dress, the ties come off, they are also not as long, so you can't really wrap it around too many times, it only goes around once with enough left for big bow and I need it to go around again to create shape. The dress is very 'booby' on me, like really bad! I'm so top heavy in it (although there's no cleavage on show) and although my boobs are kinda out of proportion with the rest of my body anyway, I manage to disguise it in most outfits, but this emphasises it and for this reason I'm probably going to return it. I also want to mention the colour, fabric and print, which were all good points. It's a shame because it's a nice dress, just not for me and I have to say I don't think I'd spend £40 on it either.

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