Friday, 8 April 2011

Buy, Buy, Buy!

I'm going to be so busy this weekend with all the items I am selling on eBay. I'm becoming quite the regular eBayer! I usually do it every 2 weeks, so you list them one weekend, they sell the next weekend, then that gives you a week to get them all posted and the payments received before starting the process all over again. It can be hard work and I'm kinda meticulous about the whole process!
I was in a bit of a rush last week, so didn't have time to take the best photos of some items (which has been bugging me), but I wanted to get rid of some shoes to clear space. I have a couple of Irregular Choice pairs up there (one very rare as they weren't sold in the UK as far as I remember and the other are from a few years back so they're hard to find too), plus Shoesmissy rosette peep toes, my gorgeous Oz red sparkly shoes bag by Helen Rochfort (I decided I really only need my Sindy one and should sell this one). It's not actually available for sale anywhere as this is the older version, so it's a rare little gem. Then I have tonnes of makeup items, really tonnes! Guerlain, Dior, No7, Lancome, Clarins, Versace, Urban Decay and loads more and all at really low starting prices, so check them all out here (ending either Saturday or Sunday).


  1. Good luck with your selling, that should make you a tidy wee sum. X

  2. What makes me sad is that I am not a shoe size 5 like you are ;) teehee

  3. Going good-o so far!

    Heehee I know! I get so many emails hoping that they're my size so they can purchase my shoes when I sell them!


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