Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Inspiretty #68

This is the updated version of the ever popular Peanut Crunch boot from Kandee that sold out last year. This time the boot features a beautiful pale blue sole and tassels (I love tassels) and is called Jezebel. That name always reminds me of a family holiday when I was younger, I think it was at Beamish Museum but I may be wrong, it was a similar olde worlde place if not. We had to pretend to sit in an old classroom and this male 'teacher' singled me out for being a 'jezebel'. He was disgusted with my 'hussy' outfit, (shamefully) I remember it-a scoop neck pink bodysuit and bright pink/green/yellow striped jeans (I loved them and think it's the only size 6 item I've ever owned), forgive me it was the early 90's! The outfit wasn't the biggest problem for him, it was the makeup and painted nails which he singled me out for and then proceeded to make me check the heads of the whole class for lice as they left-can you imagine how embarrassing this was for a 14/15 year old? So for the rest of the day I was known as the jezebel/hussy, nice huh?!

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  1. the blue soles look so pretty against the colour of the boots..


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