Saturday, 16 April 2011

Inspiretty #75

Jennifer Lopez was named World's Most Beautiful Woman in a magazine this week..I think it was People. A title I personally think she deserves. I'm sure she's relatively 'average' looking, although has killer cheekbones anyway, but with makeup she is transformed into stunning in my opinion. That combo of nude lip and smokey eye is her signature and copied worldwide, but it's the artistic sculpting and glow for that chiseled look that is often harder to replicate. So this afternoon I was taken aback when listening to my local radio station when the two male presenters said they were 'surprised' and 'shocked' that J-Lo was given that title. What? They said it must be women voting, as males see something different in the boobs, sorry looks department and that someone like Megan Fox would be more deserving (!)-now there's an average looking girl if ever I saw one (did anyone watch her as a youngster in TV show 'Hope & Faith'? Nothing special guys, seriously). She has perfected that whole pouty lip, come to bed eyes sultry look, but it doesn't seem authentic or unique to me (a million other girls can do sleek dark hair, part their glossed up lips and stare into a camera longingly) and well, it's really the only look she can pull off. I know it's all subjective, but I was pretty astonished that two guys couldn't find Jennifer remotely attractive. Anyway, here's one of my many favourite pictures of her.

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  1. They said PUBLIC?? *see a swarm of Jennifer's supporters coming to them with torches in their hands*
    kidding aside, I think Jennifer is a gorgeous person and she really deserved that title. I've seen her in her younger, dancer days and she was always gorgeous. Megan Fox, on the other hand, doesn't look like that in the past. Oh well, I don't really get all this 'the most beautiful' crap because everyone has their own opinion.
    That's a really good picture of her though. That glow is to kill for! (no pun to her perfume name.haha)


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