Wednesday, 20 April 2011

My Perfect Blog!

I've just had to install Google Chrome because an update to my computer this morning installed an upgrade from Internet Explorer 8 to 9 and then after that I couldn't get blogger to work (you can write posts but can't publish them, so beware of using IE9 if you blog)!! GC seems to have worked and also helped the spacing issue that's been going on for the past month with Blogger/IE and I've been able to go back over old posts and edit them so the spaces are sorted (to appease my blogger OCD and my blog is once more spacing perfect)! Good points are obviously that I can get blog posts to work and it's super quick plus I like the Cath Kidston floral theme I've picked for my browser! My only gripe is it keeps saying "'shockwave flash' plug in crash" all the time...which means flashplayer isn't working and as most sites use that (plus my blog videos), I can't see them or use them. I did a quick google search and someone suggested moving to Safari! I'm soooo not changing browsers again, three times in one day is too many and I'm not setting up different browsers for different jobs. I'll just use IE for the majority of my work just now and GC for blogging (although I don't know what will happen when I try to upload a video to my blog?)-does anyone know how to fix this? Do I have to install flashplayer on GC even although it's already on my computer or will it still be a problem? There's not even anything to click on to get help when the bar comes up to say it's crashed...


  1. I use Mozilla Firefox it works so well with everything!

  2. My sis uses Firefox and swears by that too...

  3. hun I have finally fixed mine which had the exact same problem so had to come share- I downloaded the latest version and then typed about:plugins in to the address bar and saw that flash was disabled, hit enable and it works!



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