Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Harajuku Lovers GWP 'Create Your Own G'

I've been trying to find an image of this for a week, after a couple of you very kindly said you'd spotted or knew of a GWP for the new Harajuku Lovers fragrance.  This is a 'Create Your Own G' and it's shaped like the original G perfume lid, but you get to colour and customise it as you wish and can interchange it with any of your HL fragrances.  I loooove it, seems like a really cool idea.  I know Debenhams stores already have this gift and The Perfume Shop are getting it this week and I'd assume it'll roll out everywhere else too.  My local Boots still don't even have 'G Of The Sea' on the shelves and the gift isn't online there yet.  I've also seen an image of a beach towel GWP (remember they did that last year for the Sunshine Cuties?) and it's covered in mermaid G, so I think that gift will probably launch more towards the summer.  Thankfully Debenhams are saying you can pick up the current gift with any 30ml HL fragrance (or else I'd end up with a million mermaids)! 


  1. oh how cute - reminds me of paint your own money boxes we used to have!

  2. YAY!! Thanks for the tip off!! I went into Debs and got G of the Sea and TWO create your own G's!! (I'm such a suck up!!) :D


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