Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Inspiretty #91

I know the pink glitter shoes are Bordello, but can anyone ID the embellished boots? They look like Pleaser...perhaps custom made. Whatever, I want them badly, total Barbie tack, but I want them!


  1. Those shoes would be the ultimate craft project, I think i might have to make a similar pair! :)

    Love your blog, Grace x

  2. This is beautiful dear! :) If you have a spare moment, I would love if you would enter my Dior giveaway because it actually helps me win a really big blogging competition that I'm in atm. I would be super, super appreciative :) Even if you don't want to enter, I would really appreciate your vote :)


  3. I'm thinking of getting those bordello ones because i love them so much, Wish i hadn't seen the others cos now i want them more! x


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