Thursday, 26 May 2011

Sale Shoes!

As I mentioned, I was busy last weekend listing on eBay and all the auctions finish on Saturday and Sunday. A whole load of makeup items again and a good few pairs of shoes. You can find the link to my items here. I've basically got my footwear collection down to the pairs I really, really love, so it is harder to find some to sell but I'm trying to be ruthless because I just don't have the space for any more. If I had my own house it would be different, but this trying to cram 2-300 pairs in my bedroom is just getting ridiculous.
There's a couple of Irregular Choice pairs up for grabs. The Grace Lace (below) are really pretty but not high enough for me (BNIB) and Princess Lilani (above), I love but they don't love me back!
For some reason my lovely LAMB 'Faith' booties (BNIB) fitted when I first bought them and haven't since, so I've never had the chance to wear them.
Then there's my lovely Glace Cherry crystal platforms by Kandee, I got the other week, again BNIB. I've oohed and ahhed about whether or not to pass them on, but I have to be realistic. They are too tight on me and I probably wouldn't get much wear out of them anyway. Plus they are red, which clashes with my hair and although I always, always fall for red shoes-I rarely wear them. They are absolutely beautiful and I hope they go to a good home and are well loved. Plus I also have...
Shoemissy 'Winehouse' sequin leopard courts (BNIB), below my gorgeous black suede ASOS shoes (below).
Another lovely ASOS pair that I just don't wear enough!
Then the New Look polka dot frill booties that I've never worn.
Finally, these gorgeous bright suede platforms from Peacocks. Good luck if you decide to bid-I ship internationally and offer a postal discount for combined purchases. Any questions, just ask ; )


  1. Unfortunately it doesn't help THAT much to have your own place. I don't have anywhere near your collection (still well below 100 I'd say), and I can't even find the place to stack them all! Then again, shoes make me (and you) happy, and what's wrong with being surrounded by 'happy'? :D

  2. I shall pop over and have a look! I don't think my feet are quite the right size but you never know.

    Is it too late to return the Kandee pair for a refund? Or will you get your money back in the ebay sale price do you think?


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