Saturday, 7 May 2011

What Has Happened?

Every week when I settle down to watch CSI New York, I'm disappointed with my gorgeous Don Flack. He's my guy candy of that show, but what has happened to him this season? The thing is he's not my usual type at all, I can see other people would find him good looking but normally I wouldn't. For some reason though-he totally does it for me. Anyway, I like him (bottom row) in his suit, with short hair or shaved head, all sexy and broody. Not this (top row) casual mis-matched crap he wears every week and don't even get me started on that hideous 90's boyband floppy, gel laden hair thing! It's gross! He doesn't suit it and I want my sexy man back! I should do a post on my 'telly men' actually, there's quite a few I like!


  1. Yeah I definitely prefer him in the older episodes. I hope he gets a chop soon! x

  2. For the first couple of episodes this season I actually thought he looked sick. He was so pale and gaunt looking.

  3. Yes Louise, each week I hope it's gonna happen, snip snip.

    Cornflakegirl-he did look sick!


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