Saturday, 28 May 2011

New Birthday Shoes

Posting may be a little erratic this weekend and early next week with my eBay sales and packaging them all up. Here's the link if you're interested (shoes size 5/38 or 6/39 FYI and tonnes of cosmetics too). Anyway, my birthday shoes arrived yesterday! I tried on a few pairs of Irregular Choice in Schuh the other week when my Mum was purchasing shoes for herself (not IC BTW). They mostly had size 6's out on the shelf and the blue 'Lucite Lovely' (really are lovely) were too big, so just take your regular size in them. I was so disappointed that they reduced the red pair in Schuh but not the blue-I'm definitely going to get them at some point because they're really pretty. 'I'm Bossy'-I thought the 6 were ok on me (I'm always worried that I need a bigger size for the strap across-it's a stud fastening, so it has to fit), but these were the pair I chose for my b'day and the 6 are slightly too big now that I have them home! I've just re-ordered a 5 to see if they'll be better (I forgot to use my Treat Street/Boots card the 1st time anyway-I find it sooo difficult to remember that and have just realised I didn't use it on New Look last night either).
I kinda prefer the turquoise, but Mum liked the black and I suppose they'd be more versatile and it was her paying for them (plus I bought them from ASOS and they only have the black). Hopefully after summer I'll get the turquoise in the sale! I also tried, 'Cant Touch This' and if I remember correctly they were a 5 and fitted fine and the 'Woof' courts in a 6 were massive, so again just go for your regular size. Do you think IC are finally sorting out their notorious sizing issues?

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  1. Awwww so cute! Love the little bunny buttons! Awesome birthday choice! :)


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