Monday, 16 May 2011

H&M Plus Size?

This article grabbed my attention today-it was about plus size model Tara Lynn fronting the new BiB/H&M campaign. It made me laugh because I can't tell you the amount of times I've stormed out of H&M in frustration at not being able to find my size or indeed anything close (that's before I start on their shocking customer service). On their website several items in the main range are available in 18's and 20's, yet in both my local and nearest larger stores you'll struggle to find a 16.
Their plus size range, which I've also never seen instore btw, is pretty uninspiring at the best of times. I can't say I've ever spotted anything from it that I've wished to purchase (whether I could get it or not). The article includes a quote from the BiB designer stating "We have gone for a higher fashion content with this collection, which will appeal to younger customers too". I hope it's true, because I'm fed up of high street stores with mediocre plus size ranges; where it feels like you should be thankful they've 'catered' for you and just be happy that the clothes fit, never taking into account personal style or trends. However it's hard to judge from the accompanying images which are obviously of a swimsuit collection and how fashion forward can you get with that?!
However for as many bloggers that champion fairness in fashion you get idiots like this one that left a comment under the article saying, "I think that clothes shouldn't be available for people over a certain size. My idea is that over a size 18 there shouldn't be any clothes available and they would have to be naked orrr where a large sheet. This would make them so embarrassed that they would just slim on down!". Yeah, cos that'll work!! For a start 'slim person' you can't spell for shit and secondly the world seems keen to cater for the other end of the scale, where the 'adult' clothes are child sized and that's definitely not healthy. Thirdly some people are just naturally large, it's not unhealthy they were just born to be that size-we don't all sit around like slobs eating crisps and never moving from the sofa. I could go on and on-it seems anytime there's a 'fat' relating article people have to stick their oar in with extremely narrow minded and uneducated statements. Similarly, I was appalled at the reaction to the relaunch of plus size magazine Beautiful (for which I wrote a piece last year), which attracted a lot of negative press for 'promoting obesity'! It's sad, pathetic, old and just tiring, get a life and just let people be!


  1. I have only ever bought designer collabs from H&M as I find their sizes freakin weird. I am a 10/12 but have even tried size 16 clothes on in there and they dont fit, they just have this perculiar cut I have no idea how people shop there! They appear to be jumping on the plus size bandwagon without actually considering their customers. One thing I find with many plus size ranges is that they are all totally shapeless Evans was terrible for that (I used to be a lot bigger , and smaller, than I am now so I have experience at both ends of the scale). When I was a lot smaller, I also had a woman in Matalan tell me they didnt do a smaller size than their very generous size 8 and that I should eat more, can you believe that LOL! I think you sould be albe to buy beautiful, flattering clothes no matter what your size!!

  2. Ooh, if that leopard print 'top' is a swimming costume I am all over that! Assuming it would fit me of course, I'm the awkward size of regular 16s being a little small and plus size 18s being rather too big. :c

  3. i only buy tops and dresses in h&M - i;m a 12 in most other stores, but find that in h&m i end up freaking out as everything is so skinny and getting a 16 - their sizing iz weird!

  4. ugh what a moron leaving that comment. For a start I have a friend who is a size 18 and is one of the most beautiful people I know! Her weight is down to a hormonal imbalance not too much food or too little exercise. What ignorance.
    Secondly those who do end up a size 18 and up due to an unbalanced food/exercise ratio often are suffering from eating disorders or emotional dependancies. Why would someone punish people like that? Should we also not make anything in a size 6? To stop people being too skinny and discourage anorexia? If you put it like that it's downright insulting and obviously won't solve the problem! Grrrrrr annoyed now!... I shall have to go and fume somewhere haha.

  5. Why on Earth would somebody post a comment like that? It is both rude and ignorant! I've known my best friend since we were one and she has always been slightly overweight, it's just the way she is, she does plenty of excercise and doesn't eat as much rubbish as I do but is still rather large. I have a dress from H&M which fits, but I find that when I breathe in it squeezes my ribs, which aren't particularly large!

  6. the BIB collection for H&M is there for ages, at least in Holland
    since i work for H&M its been there, and i almost work at H&M for 6 yrs now. they updated the collection way better these days then before. its much more fashionable and much more a fashion thing that is ispired by the 'regular' collection...
    i got the leopard swimmingsuit from the dutch online store. Its also in the stores that carry the BIB collection. It fits small! im a 16/42 in H&M divided/regular. and i got the swimming suit in 20/46! but its super awesome and cool/ retro!!!

  7. I agree with your opinion on the idiocy of the person who left the comment 'they should just walk around in a sheet'. They seem ill educated in the way a human body can be constructed. I am a 14/16 but sometimes have to buy bigger due to 36FF boobs, something weightloss does not change. I think some people are becoming size-ist these days. I also agree some companies do create clothes with no style just to make us curvy girls feel like we've been 'catered' for. I've yet to find a clothing store that does plus size 1950s inspired clothes at a reasonable price. Loving your blog, you really have some fabulous stuff on here. X

  8. Thanks for the mention! I hope you're well. You can buy Beautiful mag in Evans stores right now for £1.99.


  9. H&M sizing is utterly bizarre at the best of times. I reckon I'm about a 12 on top now and a 12/14 on bottom but the last time I was there I got a top in size S and shorts in size 16. They both fit fine - it's so odd!

    As for that person's comments, grrrr! Don't get me started on that. I've been a size 24 and I felt bad enough as it was without having to drape myself in tent like clothes because that was all that was available in the shops.

  10. I've noticed H&M label their clothes a size larger. So a Size 12 is labeled a 14. I noticed this when I compared a size 14 H&M and a Topshop 14. H&M Euro size said 38, Topshop Euro said 40, yet both were labeled a UK 14!!

  11. I can't believe someone said that- what an insensitive and ignorant individual! Obviously they have issues...!

  12. I shop there all of the time..... I do agree with what you are saying, the bigger sizes there for women of that size DOES suck! They need a bigger variety.

  13. Nice plus size apparel. I would be great to shop with them.

  14. I feel quite depressed by the fact that as a size 22-24 I have to buy a size 28 just to fit into the clothes in the range! Do they deliberately do reverse vanity sizing in order to make us feel ashamed and bigger than we are?
    I think you hit the nail on the head with the negative comments on Beautiful magazine 'promoting obesity'. I think the likes of H&M, ordinarily catering only to the young of smaller size, may be afraid of being seen to do this and this might explain the odd sizing.
    I can think of no other explanation really. Either that or they should change their dress maker!
    Really though, not much has changed for us larger ladies on the high street. The ranges are still limited in the main stores, especially around current/trendy pieces which are often carefully capped at size 20 or below. The range is decidedly smaller too, compared to the main one. If you're size 12 you get to choose from about 80 jackets, but size 24 and you get to pick from about 10 lol!
    I've been frustrated in many a store before now which seemed to insist that women over a size 18 only wear trousers and tent like tunics, and we certainly don't do sports lol! Ever noticed that about sportswear? Rarely goes over a 20 in mainstream stores.
    Even in Evans at the moment, the denim jackets look like they belong on a male brickie! Horrible they are, in my opinion. Where is the shape? The curve? A blazer style with stylish button or two to nip them in at the waist/under bust would transform those boxy nightmares.
    Sadly, Evans and Ann Harvey remain the only specialist shops we have and that is pretty appalling. Mostly these two stores are decent, but we deserve more than just two!


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