Friday, 27 May 2011

Amazing Irregular Choice

Ok, so I heard that Irregular Choice had a special 'limited edition' collection launching this week. It was in partnership with London College of Fashion and saw two winners designs come to life. Beforehand, I was quite curious to see the designs but not necessarily thinking I'd want them. Boy, was I wrong! I squealed when I saw them and they're all I can think about just now!
I'll start with Rosanna Gault, who has the Rosanna bootie and Rosy shoe. Rosanna, £240 is available in bright turquoise patent with peach/brown floral (below) or brown patent with pale blue and white floral trims (above). There's so much going on this boot, it's over the top bordering on a harajuku style influence, but right up my street! You have the large platform (floral on the turquoise, striped on the brown) and an amazing heart cut-out heel (with stripes inside) and I think the two work well together balancing each other out (cute versus tough). The frilly lace trim and large bow scream girly and they remind me of an even more show-stopping version of IC's Abigail's Party. At the moment I don't think I can be pushed as to which colour is my favourite.
Then there's the Rosy shoe £240, perhaps a more wearable version of Rosanna? It comes in white with either red or turquoise stripes and feels fabulous for summer. Again you have a platform and that heart detail on the heel. The frilled cuff with large bow and heart buttons is detachable and when 'off', completely transforms it into an 'almost' regular court shoe! I love little details like strange cuffs, but have to admit the shoe is just as stunning as a plain shoe without it. I think maybe the turquoise shade has it for me currently, just because I'm obsessed with that colour right now and usually veer away from red.
Next we have a design from So-Yeon Sarah and at first I wondered why this was considerably more than the first two designs, as it seemed like a simple enough court shoe. Now I don't know if I'm mistaken but I thought these were priced around £285 the other day but are now £345-or was that just wishful thinking on my part? Anyway they come in two colourways and the reason for their price becomes apparent when you look at the details. This shoe has attachments which transform to give 6 different looks. For me, this is the way forward for footwear-I absolutely love the idea and the diversity of attachments and the versatility they will provide. I'm absolutely torn with the colours though. I try to avoid red shoes because of my hair colour but I wish the black had a little more colour on the shoe itself. Here's what you get;
A bow and charm assortment-both colours are equal for me on this.
An ankle cuff, feather effect. I'm not overly keen on this one, but I'd probably prefer the pastel colours on the black.
Puffy rings and a heart which will go probably mid-calf. Again, I like both-the pastels are cute and on the red the navy and white give a fabulous nautical look.
A tall feather and heart clip on, this isn't one of my favourite styles and I couldn't pick which colour I prefer, both work I think.
Finally, my all time favourite-leg spatz!! I love this design, the little fold down cuff at the top, the open front, frog fastenings down the centre and a little bow are just stunning. I like it in black with the turquoise accents, it's bold and pretty but on the red shoe with the white and navy, it absolutely makes it. I'm completely in love. I would buy this shoe for that one attachment alone!
The court shoe itself features a kooky embroidered eye detail (very IC) and a nice layered puffy heel and 70's feel platform. As I said the black is mainly black suede and the heel is pewter with a more purpley pewter segment but there's not enough of a contrast in colour there for me, even the top of the heel is black suede and I'd have liked this to be turquoise or something. The red shoe is half navy and the heel bronze and red, so you're getting more of a difference in colours there.
When I first saw these shoes, I was so excited, because I just wanted to purchase them right there and then. Then I saw the price and it did make me stop and think. I do think it's reasonable for the unique designs themselves and the fact that they are not just part of the regular IC line. You're getting the chance to own something pretty special and reasonably rare. Now personally, I don't ever have that sort of money just lying around for a 'rainy day' or nice pair of shoes! So, once I get over my own fears of spending that amount on one pair of shoes (I pretty much always feel some sort of guilt spending upwards of £100, even if it's a 'bargain' price, it's still a lot for money for me), I just don't have that and I'm at the stage I'm trying to figure out what I can do to scrape together that amount because I want them so badly! The downfall is, there's never enough time for something like this is there? Already most of the size 38's have gone and it's only been a couple of days. I want one of each pair but will have to 'settle' for just one and I think I want it to be So-Yeon Sarah's! With what little money I have and my eBay sales this weekend, will I succeed in raising £345 before the 39's (I'm going to be forced to take a size up) sell out? I'm seriously doubting it! Then there's the decision of the colour, do I go for the black because they'll go with more and with me but the red with white spatz are my favourite look out of all the designs and seem more eye-catching generally. Somehow I think the decision will be taken out of hands anyway, there are obviously very, very few of each style given that some have gone already and I think I'll get the money together too late : (
*update-in the time it's taken me to write this post, the last 2 designs have been taken off the site altogether and the others are showing as out of stock in all sizes. I guess it's pay day and everyone has gone crazy and bought them-I'm gutted!*


  1. Ahhh! I looove these <3

  2. I've just had a look at these on the IC site and they appear to all be there and in stock!! QUICK!!!

  3. Oh wow...I think my fav would be the brown Rosanna for myself! Love it, very pretty!
    And between the So-Yeon Sarah ones I deff pick the black...not because it would "go with more"...because, well haha those won't really "go" with much I own anyway lol, they stand alone girl! No I like the lilac and purple's of the attachments soooooo much more then the gold one's you get with the red pair! That purple wing is to die for! The So-Yeon Sarah was in stock when I looked just now..hope you can get the one you pick in the end!!

  4. I think the only ones I really like are the Rosy ones, and even then I'm not madly keen on the sole part. Ah well, shall save my money for another day.

  5. So-yeon (Sarah) Ahn11 June 2011 at 15:37

    Hi.. :) I came across your blog through Irregular Choice's post on facebook... I am absolutelyyyyy flattered you liked my shoes :D and TRUSTTTT ME you were NOT THE ONLY SHOCKED ONE when seeing the price.. I had only seen sample pictures before the launch event and when I was told the price they were going for I was MAJORLY SHOCKED! Not just the trims but the boxes I had designed increased the cost immensely so I guess the retail price had to be a lot higher than the normal IC shoes.. Anyways.. I just wanted to thank you for blogging Rosie and my designs ! :) I don't think anyone else has gone this much in depth about it! so thank you!!! xxxx

  6. Yes ladies, they are gorge, thanks for commenting ; )

    Marlein- "wing" that word totally escaped my memory writing this (idiot)!

    Sarah-thank you so much for taking the time to comment. It's really interesting to hear how the packaging can add tot he cost of an item. I saw images of the boxes on the IC facebook page and they're utterly adorable, so I can understand that! I finally took the plunge and bought your black pair, I'm sooo excited and will certainly post about them when they arrive!


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