Sunday, 1 May 2011

Swatches: MAC Holiday Glosses

I swatched all my MAC Dazzleglass glosses the other day in preparation for a big post and then yesterday I found another one lurking in a handbag that I hadn't used for a while! Argh! I really wanted to swatch them all together rather than adding in another one, so you can see the comparisons. I'll have to see if I have the energy to re-do the whole lot next week or not. In the meantime, I have my Holiday glosses for you today. *update-I'm such a moron, I just found 2 lipsticks and 2 glosses from the Marcel Wanders collection from last Christmas hiding in a makeup bag from when I'd swatched them last year (just shows how much makeup I have when I don't even realise it's missing). They should've been included in this post (not to mention I have to rearrange my neat collection yet again)-I'm realising I'm making a complete arse of this! Oops!* MAC launch a massive collection(s) every Christmas and among the sets and other things is a colour collection, priced higher than the usual line and always in very decadent packaging. Mostly the glosses are just regular lipglass, even although most of mine look more like Dazzleglass or something similar. Here's a run-down of the few I own.
From the Stylistics collection in an oblong bottle, black shiny lid and pearls and jewels on the top, it's a doefoot sponge/wand applicator and is 5ml. The Monogram gloss looked and felt quite similar to Dazzleglass, the long round bottle is very deceiving considering there's only 2.4ml of gloss inside. The lid was burnished gold and bronze coloured with the logo on the top and wand has a brush. Baroque Boudoir lipgloss was again quite similar (although the colours more sheer), a long round bottle, decorated with a frosted floral pattern which continued onto the silver lid with matte silver and black pattern. There's 2.4ml of product and a brush/wand applicator.
Stylistics Lipglass in
*Hyper Chic a terracotta brown with shimmer throughout. Swatched it's pretty much the same, perhaps more pinky.
Monogram Lipglass in
*Monodramatic a bronzed brown with multi coloured glitter, more of a coppery bronze when swatched.
*Distinguished a yellow beige with gold glitter, the same when swatched.
*Identity a warm pink with gold glitter, slightly more peachy when swatched.
Baroque Boudoir Lip Gloss (note this one is called gloss rather than glass) in
*The Lap Of Luxury a pale copper/pink flash. Very similar to 3D Glass in Energy that I'll swatch soon, although this one has more pigment.

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  1. oh my i'm totally mesmerized by the pretty tubes by mac! i haven't seen those designs before :D maybe i wasn't that into makeup by then!


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