Thursday, 19 May 2011

Inspiretty #96

With this changeable weather we've been experiencing lately, there's been plenty of opportunities for rainbows amongst the heavy showers and bright sunshine. I briefly saw one the other day but wasn't quick enough to grab my camera and I just realised how amazing and beautiful rainbows are. It's so cool to see a burst of colour like that in the sky. Anyway, I was looking for rainbow images and then noticed these shoes on the River Island site which definitely fulfil my quota for bright colour. They also have studs which appears to be my current preference on footwear!


  1. they're lovely and i was really suprised when i saw they're river island!

  2. Pretty! BTW, There's a competition to win a pair of shoes every fortnight at - they seem to be your type of shoes, so I thought I'd give you a heads up on it!

  3. ...and they've gone already! I checked them this morning and they only had 1 size 3 and 1 size 5-web exclusive too so they won't be instore!

    Thanks Kezzie will check that out!

  4. Sorry, I meant every day for a fortnight!


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