Monday, 9 May 2011

Haul & Swatches: MAC Surf Baby

So here's my gorgeous summery, MAC 'Surf Baby' haul. Lots of lovely colours and reasonably cute packaging, not totally up my street but always nice for a change from the regular black and I do love the 'high shine'!First up, the star piece, My Paradise cheek powder. I haven't swatched this for you (or the eyeshadow) as there are plenty of swatches floating around. The shimmery gold is an overlay, but there is some depth to it, it's not gonna all come off first swipe. The main colour is a bright, vivid coral orange.
Surf USA eyeshadow as you can see from the images below, varies greatly in the light. It's certainly bold, more green than teal I'd say (I'm not getting a blue-ness from it), when you hold it to the light there's a gorgeous shimmer to it and it's got a frost finish. These cream containers upon close inspection have gold shimmer throughout which is a nice touch and the labels on the lids are not stickers which will please most people.
The image below taken with the flash captures the frost finish.
The image above is probably most accurate to colour with my eye. It's the exact same shade as the darkest green stripe on the dress used in the background of these pics.
Finally my three lipsticks. First up is Naturally Eccentric, a lustre in the palest shade so don't expect massive colour pay-off from this. In the tube it's slightly darker than my skin, there is a very subtle colour when swatched-a creamy nude shade with perhaps a hint of pink.
Mocha is described as a peachy yellow brown and whilst it's in no way peach, there is a peachy element that stops it from becoming a dull brown-brown. I wouldn't be too scared of this because although it's very pigmented (satin finish), I don't believe it'll give you that slightly old-fashioned, early 90's brown lip (think Carol Hathaway in ER), that peach/yellow tone is going to stop that.
My camera did not like Bust Out! It was picking it up as true, bright purple whereas it's darker, more dull than shown below. It's quite an unusual shade, a lustre again so quite sheer but the colour is buildable.
Keep reading for swatches...
You can just make out Naturally Eccentric. Mocha swatches beautifully and you can see Bust Out! comes to life with several layers.
I thought you might also like this comparison taken with and without the flash in the exact same light. Have your orders arrived yet or are you waiting to see it instore or skipping altogether? I was a little disappointed I didn't get the BeneFit sample with my order, that Debenhams were advertising on their site, but delivery was super quick this time so that's good.


  1. oh my, I just adore that purple lipstick!!! <3

  2. That's weird that you didn't get the Benefit gift as I've just received my Gaga 2 lipstick from Debenhams with the free Benefit Triple Performing Facial Emulsion sample and I ordered it after this post!

  3. I've found your pictures on specktra, I really like what you got, also because I almost got everything from this collection XD I'm a new follower, come and see what I took ^^


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