Saturday, 28 May 2011

New Look/LCF Limited Edition Shoes

Another design collab, this time from New Look with London College of Fashion. To be honest, I'm only really in love with one pair, everything else is a little too 'regular New Look' line for me and just nothing worth shouting about. The denim on the pairs above and below are not my thing at all. The detail on the strappy pair add a little interest (although I'm still not sure I even like it) plus the mid-heel and frumpy shape detract from that anyway. The mules below, well they are just too 80's, too frayed, too mule and just too euch! I mean how would you style them? I'm at a loss.
From the previews, I had expected to like these 'fascinator' heels in black or ivory. Looking at the online product images though they just came across as looking a little too cheap. I like the shape and I like the t-bar detail but the materials don't do them justice and this pair look like they'd belong in the regular line because of that and I wouldn't shell out £39.99 for them.
This next style, I don't really have anything bad to say about them...or good. They're just an ok shoe. Strappy with a mix of suede and leather but nothing to write home about.
I saved the best til last though. What about these wedges? This is what I want to see from a design school collaboration, something new and innovative and exciting. Something a little different from what you'd normally expect to see in New Look but still in keeping with their 'look'. I seem to be alone in my thinking though after a nosey at what people were saying about these on Facebook, out of 70 comments, maybe only 3 or 4 actually like them. 'Ugly' and 'Gaga' seemed to be the most popular phrases (and not Lady Gaga in a good way apparently), but there were also murmurs of horrible, hideous, awful, unfortunate, vile, nasty, gross, freaky, horrific and some that made me laugh...
Excuse the direct quotes in 'down with the kids/facebook talk, wassuuup people'!

"Yeh nice.. if you want to look like you're wearing noddy's car on you feet!" btw, I like Noddys car-always super shiny and isn't it red anyway?
"that's pretty...awful. Only gaga could dare walk in this" You've never seen my blog then!
"U-G-L-Y, that pair of shoes has no alibi, its UGLY" I thought my sister, Mum and I were the only ones still immature enough to sing that song! And now it's going to be in my head all day!
"nasty unless ur a humpa lumpa" what the hell? Does she mean an oompa loompa? And fyi, they're orange not yellow!
"UGLY new look is meant to be fashionable not gwenny" I have no idea what 'gwenny' means? Gwen Stefani? Gwyneth Paltrow?
"I would prefer to wear croc's" Surely nottt!!
"There like brats doll shoes!" It's 'they're' and 'Bratz' with a Z and thank God, I love Bratz shoes!

So I immediately purchased the yellow wedges online (before I'd seen the comments and it wouldn't have changed my opinion any)! They're £49.99 but I used a 20% off code (NLVCTWJ) and delivery was free (I bought a dress I've had my eye on for a while too). I just hope they fit! The heel is apparently 7.3"-haha, insane! I've been getting a different perspective with me 'walking' when shopping recently rather than taking the wheelchair and I never realised how tall I was! I'm towering above everyone and can reach everything! In my family I'm classed as a giant, even taller than the men, but then it's because I'm always in heels. I've always had really tall friends though, so at 5 ft 5 1/2" I've felt really short beside them. Anyhow, I couldn't give a rats arse about how ugly people think these shoes are-even I would agree they're not "pretty" shoes, but a statement pair. I'm keen to know what you think though, U G L Y, they ain't got no alibi, they ugly, hey, hey?


  1. I get where you're coming from, obviously they're not the sort of shoes you'd wear down to the shop for milk but they're FUNKY!! Ooooh, I just said 'funky'...

  2. Haha I did giggle at that noddy comment that girl made on facebook yesterday haha, so funny! But now you mention it I think his car is actually red yes :P But I still get where she's coming from, at least her joke was original...all the others were kinda lame ;)
    I don't like the shoes...or maybe they're a pair I'd like more if I saw them on the foot. But just from this picture I don't really care for them. Bit too cartoony and a tad cheap-looking. I like crazy shoes, but when you have a brand like IC for example you can see it's really good quality which makes all the differance. But I'd be curious to see them "for real" when you get them! :)

    PS. I sing that U-G-L-Y song in my head soooo often...not many people really know it here and as we don't speak english I don't sing it but I think it really often lol!

  3. After reading zour post I went to the New Look website and was gonna order them too. But then I was a bit scared cause I'm way tall (5 ft 11') and it would be too much. I ended up ordering a diff pair of wedges and I love New Look, but the 9 £ shipping fee pissed me off a bit:/


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