Monday, 2 May 2011

Hello, New Shoes!

Hope you're all enjoying yet another glorious day and quite an historical one at that. Don't want to get too political as this is a style blog afterall, but you all know what I mean. Everyone is saying this weekend has been like a Disney film, the Prince gets married and the villain dies!!
I've got a wee side project at the mo, that's taking up most of my spare time, so I haven't been able to blog as often as I'd like. I'm off to Dundee again tomorrow as I have a booking at the BeneFit counter to try out their new skincare range, so I probably won't get anything else done but at least I'll be back on The Shoe Girl Diaries. I have a ridiculous amount of blog posts that have been put on the back burner, mainly the SS11 Irregular Choice stuff, which I've been working on, literally for months. Sorry, I'll get there! However today, I spotted this pair on that I've never seen in my life before! Judging by the colour of the velvet lining they are last Autumn/Winter, but they were new on the site along with 'I'm In Vegas' which were definitely AW10. Whatever the case, I haven't seen them online anywhere in the UK or indeed worldwide before now.
Based on the 'Love Games' court or that floral rosette pair that were a Schuh exclusive and had an impossible fit (I couldn't get my foot in a size larger than normal, then 2 sizes up were too big), I'm hoping these issues have been rectified. My main concern was the placement of the rose which covered half the shoe and half the foot and you just couldn't get your foot into the shoe and under that rose. It was also very, very rigid-I don't think this one looks as stiff though or that it covers as much of the foot, so maybe they'll be easier to try on. If you fancy them, they're £70 available in sizes 4-8 from Very.


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