Saturday, 7 May 2011

Haul: Primark Sunglasses

I mentioned last week I bought some sunglasses. I've seen them in Primark for months, but finally decided I needed more pairs as I've been getting a lot of wear out of the few I own already, so checked them out in more detail.

I ended up with 7 pairs! There were tonnes of different styles and colours-really loads. A lot of cream and white which to be honest I didn't really suit, so that narrowed down the selection drastically. I also don't like really small lenses, wrap around types, really round 'Beatles' glasses, none of that lot suit me, the bigger the better usually.
Primark sunnies are seriously good value, I mean we're talking £1, a pound! My nephews went through a phase of wearing their Aunts sunglasses (and breaking them), so I can't justify spending lots of money on one pair. This little lot have set me up for summer though (just as the weather turns nasty-oops). This pastel green colour looks lovely with my hair!
I got them in a kinda pale blue shade too-I wondered if they were too similar to the green, but Mum said they were different enough!
I was possibly most unsure about these. Matte bright floral, very 80's, but hey they're fun and only a £1, I'm bound to wear them at least once!
This is more what I usually go for, ultra big. They are shaded dark green to brown, thin legs, £2.
Dark olive green with gold detail on the legs, quite big-lovely, £2.
Retro frames, like the glasses i've been searching for for months. A little more unusual shaped for me and in a light blush, but I think they look ok, £2
so I got them in shiny floral too! there's tonnes of colours of these to choose from fyi.
What do you think? Prefer more expensive pairs yourself or are cheap and cheerful good for you too?


  1. I loooove the last floral pair, if only I didn't need to wear glasses!! :c x

  2. Oh my god, i have sooo many pairs of Primark sunnies. My bf moans about them all of the time. Love the last pair! x

  3. I like the olive ones the best!!

    I have 3 "good" pairs at the moment and a few I don't like anymore laying around somewhere. I usually go for the more cheap pairs...although GBP1-2 is VERY cheap haha! Mine are usually around GBP10.
    I must say though...a friend of mine once brought a really expensive pair because she was going to Australia for a year and you DEFF notice a differance, with the expensive pair everything was so much clearer, it was really amazing how much of a differance it made! But I'll stick to cheapies for now because I like to have lots of differant styles instead of just 1 really good/nice expensive pair hehe

  4. I love the retro ones so much that my OH went to pick me a pair up in his lunch break today. YAY!! I love them!

  5. That's quite a collection your building, which one is your favorite pair?

  6. My girlfriend has several pairs of sunglasses, she loves the big goofy looking kinds. She doesn't need glasses but she is always stealing mine to try on. This is probably why sunglasses are so good for her I think it's more about a fashionable look for her. Is she obsessed or does this happen with other people?


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