Friday, 6 May 2011

More Hauls & Stuff!

Gah could this week get any worse? I mean in the grand scheme of things, it's nothing major but I'm just feeling all uptight and stressy about niggling little things. Miss Selfridge emailed back and refuse to refund my they got yet another email back! I looked into the Asda dress that I didn't receive (below) and in my account it says 'cancelled' and that was the dress I really wanted (the other looking stupid on me anyway), so I'm pretty moody about that. I just wish these companies would take the time to email and let you know rather than me having to look into it. Did I tell you about the shoes I ordered on the 24th of April too? I still haven't heard back from that company so that's the third time I've emailed as I think they've stolen my pennies!!
I ordered a bag and matching purse for Mum from a BrandAlley sale back in March. After the initial disappointment that it wouldn't turn up in time for her b'day at the end of March, she was happy it would be here in time for her holiday (leaving this weekend). So I get an email saying it's not going to be sent out in the specified time frame (we're talking at least 6 weeks here but never mind), then I get an email last night to say the supplier short stocked them and the bag has been cancelled and refunded. Well what use is a purse without the matching bag? It wouldn't even have been so bad the other way round, but she really doesn't need a random purse now. So I emailed them as soon as I received the email to cancel the rest of the order but I got a dispatch email for it today, grr! I should not have to pay £4.95 delivery plus whatever it costs to return it under these circumstances. I think if the items are matching like that, they should at least ask you what you want to do about it rather than assuming you'll take whatever they send you. I'm so annoyed about it-like the Miss Selfridge thing, it's something that isn't my fault yet I'm having to pay for their mistake.
Speaking of Miss Selfridge, remember all the animal rings I wanted? They were running really low on stock and I wanted to wait until they were doing some sort of promotion because a) the rings were really expensive and b) I really didn't need them, so couldn't justify splashing out on them. However, the frog ring was selling out of my size along with the bunny ring, only 1 of each left, so I ordered them along with the parakeet and zebra. The frog is lovely, the parakeet was chipped and painful to wear (so it's going back) and the bunny wasn't sent...again they didn't email to let me know, I just happened to notice the '0' in the quantity of my dispatch email. Thankfully I'd seen this ring in my local Debenhams/Miss Selfridge so wasn't too concerned. Of course next time we go, they don't have any my size. I was sooooo pissed. Then the next time they had a medium and considering the frog and parakeet were very roomy in large, I pondered whether the M would fit. It was really hot that day and it's so damn hard to suss out whether a ring fits or not with the elastic they wrap round them! It's small, very small on me and doesn't fit my smallest finger. It does fit my pinky though and so I bought it anyway (probably could even have gone for the small size), but I'm thinking it really doesn't look right on that finger. He sits to high and I'm sure I'll catch his ears on things. So if anyone has a large they'd like to swap for a medium let me know!I did order from MAC Surf Baby's so hard to see which items you want as there's very little swatches and product images yet online-didn't realise quite how much I rely on them! I bought from Debenhams (may as well get some beauty points) and it's been dispatched today, but it usually takes a week to get here for some reason, so I won't have swatches anytime soon! The lipglasses weren't really calling to me this time and I think I'm just trying to be more realistic and think about what I'm buying rather than grabbing it because it's in pretty LE packaging! If I had gone for one, it would probably have been 'Girl On Board' but don't I already own a million similar shades? I think so. Again, I'm pissed that MAC just keep increasing the prices-when will it end? It seems you now have to pay for cute packaging...lipsticks are £14 each, but thankfully Debs had 10% off because all winners/highly recommended products from their recent beauty awards have this and MAC lippie was one.

I got 3; Naturally Eccentric, Mocha and Bust Out! Hibiscus is grabbing all the attention in the blogosphere but I can tell I'd look like crap in a colour like that : (
I can't really justify spending a lot on eyeshadows because I have literally hundreds, maybe thousands and don't use them all enough. There's lots of nice shades in this collection though. The grey Swell Baby looks lovely, but I just got Surf USA a bright green teal...eyeshadows are now £12 each!
Finally probably the most gorgeous piece of the collection and sold out on Debenhams now and MAC is the Cheek Powder in My Paradise. It features a lovely gold floral overlay and really sums up the whole feel of Surf Baby. I also wanted Blue Noon eye pencil..but it's £13.50 and Ocean Dip Nail Polish but it's a see I'm getting very thrifty in my old age or perhaps just wising up to MAC's permanent increases and refusing to play ball!


  1. I don't really buy online for the same reasons you've mentioned! ASOS and eBay are my only exceptions x

  2. That is really shoddy of Miss Selfridge!

    And what a shame about the bag/purse, especially as it was a present for your mum :( Hope she doesn't mind too much.

  3. Oh that's such a shame about the bunny ring! I got it in a M first in Edinburgh because they are indeed hard to try on with the elastic...but then I tried it on without the card when we were in starbucks and it was really too big so changed it for a S right away...and now sometimes I even wish I had a XS because he keeps turning to the side...which is CRAZY, what grown woman wears a XS ring on their ringfinger XD so I thought mine ran a bit big! Such a shame yours doesn't! I hope someone will trade you, it's really lovely (even though it turns your finger green on hot days *hate that*).
    Chin up girl, hope you feel better soon and you have some better luck on the shopping front soon! :)

  4. yikes, crazy, hope it all works out :)


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