Thursday, 5 May 2011

Hauls & Stuff

Nothings really going as planned this week. When I was out with my mate last night we couldn't get parked near the bar we were going to, so we had a little walk. My walking is definitely getting better (I'm faster and can go a little further than I used to), but it was hot last night and my feet decided to play up in the shoes I was wearing. It's taken the skin off the backs of my legs and at my ankle bone-so I'm a bit sore today. I also cut my finger on something yesterday (can't recall doing it), so that's nipping too. Plus I was still suffering from last Friday's quick trip to Debenhams and I've not been sleeping very well which just adds to it. Jeez Louise!Mum and I went back to Dundee on Tuesday as I had an appointment at BeneFit. We get there and there's nobody at the counter because she phoned in sick; kinda worked out a bonus because I got what I needed and didn't have to waste time getting a 'makeover'. I bought a Dior gloss last week and sneakily had to check the shade was correct because I thought I got a gorgeous pale nude (think Creme D'Nude in gloss form) with shimmer. When I got it home it was a bright, light pink and not so shimmery looking. I'm a bit disappointed, actually a lot disappointed, but the shade number was correct so I guess it just looks completely different on the stand. I'll post pics over the weekend as I also picked up a YSL gloss this time (wanted a lipstick, but I can never find a nice looking nude instore although I see plenty on blogs). That whole day was a bit of a disaster, one of those times when you're bumping into everything and people are in the way and the rubber tyre even came off the front wheel of my wheelchair (but we managed to get it back on).
I got some lovely dresses in Primark (not a lot of choice, but thankfully got what I needed) and I bought 7 pairs of sunglasses, yep 7! I'll post pics tomorrow. I had purchased this Fearne Cotton dress (above) from Very in the sale last week (super quick delivery fyi) but it didn't look that great on. I was gutted because I've lusted after it for so long, so decided to re-order in a smaller size and see if that fitted better. Is anyone else like me and hates paying delivery or ordering without a discount code? I'm getting really bad for that! So I discovered unless you open a credit account with Very, it's extremely difficult to find any discounts. I paid delivery first time and refused to do so again (why do so many shops not offer exchanges?), so I spent over £100 to qualify for free postage over the bank holiday weekend. Yes, stuff I really didn't need with the view that I would return all the unwanted goods. I still have one dress to follow (last in the pic below), but these were the two I ordered and will be sending back because the fit wasn't right anyway. The floral one is cute and makes me look super slim on the bottom, but that just makes my boobs looks even bigger in comparison.The other dress is Pop by PPQ and so, so well made. It weighs a ton and is fully lined with these amazing discs all over. It's very slim fitting (gorgeous darts and seaming) but too small for me even without my boob issues. It's a shame because it's very unusual, I would've quite liked to add this to my collection, plus it was reduced to £21!
The Fearne pansy dress however fits much better a size smaller. The bigger size wasn't pulling in my boobs enough and made them look big and was far too baggy around the waist, but this one fits my waist better and doesn't look so bad on top. The dress looks wonderful from the back, it's just so neat. Pearl Lowe at Peacocks should really take a look at the craftsmanship of these dresses. I know Fearne and PPQ were priced slightly higher than Peacocks, but the fabrics and construction are far superior. I don't think you could get a better made dress even if it were 'designer'.
Speaking of Peacocks, I ordered a few dresses from their boutique ranges over the weekend, because they were doing 20% off and free delivery. The dresses are generally £35 or £38, higher than the norm at Peacocks, but below Pearl Lowe. They arrived today and look gorgeous however most don't fit! Again they use nice fabrics, the styles are gorgeous and they are better made than PL. The grey floral I've just noticed has a huge dirty mark on it though, so that'll be going back. I don't think it would go over my boobs anyway. The similar one in black was far too small on the bust. The halter one sits just above my ankle-a lovely full skirt, but that length is just really difficult to work with and I can't see me getting much wear out of it. It was tight across the bust but at least I actually got it on. The spotty one fitted better, still tight but perhaps with a different bra it would be better. It's the opposite, rather short and I'm not convinced it's doing anything for me. I also don't like the way it's sitting around the side zip, it's jutting out a little. I would recommend these dresses though, they're worth the money, it's just a pity the fit isn't working for me.
What else? Oh I ordered from Miss Selfridge over the weekend and for some reason their discounts wouldn't work-did anyone else notice that? So although I used 'summerstyle' for free delivery over £40, it worked, but then added the £4 back on. There's also supposed to be an extra 25% off sale jewellery (automatically deducted in your basket), but that wouldn't work either. I emailed them and they said to just place the order and they'd refund me, so now I'm in an email war with them because they won't refund my p&p claiming only one discount can be used at once. I did only use one discount, it just so happened they were running an offer at the same time that I had no control over...they can't offer free delivery but question which items you bought for it. Still haven't heard back from them since yesterday morning! Oh and I ordered from George at Asda and only one of the two dresses turned up today. No mention of the other being out of stock or coming I'll have to suss that out. Plus the dress I did get, looks minging on me. Oh and I have a pair of shoes I ordered on the 24th April and haven't heard anything from the company since my initial order confirmation. I've emailed them twice with no reply....sounds dodgy huh?


  1. Wow, sounds great! I went into Peacocks in Manchester and saw lots of the Boutique dresses- they're really nice! Are you keeping the first one? I liked that one when I saw it too.
    Love your Fearne one!

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