Friday, 6 May 2011

Inspiretty #86

Can you believe my day or week actually did get worse? Two refunds in my bank account aren't for the correct amounts, so I've had to resolve that, but now I've offloaded all my stresses I feel a little better! Deep breath! I reckon I used up all my luck yesterday as my sister ordered 8 Tokidoki Unicorno figures and I said I'd buy one off her. The one I really, really wanted was Dolce and when it comes to making decisions like this with blind boxes I'm more than hopeless. After playing a little game, I grabbed one box opened it and inside was Dolce!! I couldn't believe it. There are 10 to collect and my little sis didn't fare quite so well, she ended up with 3 sets of doublers and a single one (so 4 variations). We're so tempted to order more though because they are ultra cute!

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