Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Inspiretty #93

I realise my Inspiretty posts have been very shoe geared recently-it's not been intentional! Another pair that arrived yesterday are these Bordello which I've lusted after forEVER! And they didn't come easy-I have a wee story on them for another day (and a word of warning). Btw today's The Shoe Girl Diaries post will be coming tomorrow as it's getting late now : )


  1. WOW! are these yours? I love them? do you know if they're still available?
    & i don't mind your shoe posts,
    i'm an unintentional shoe fanatic as well!

  2. OOoooooh! Love them and actually have been eyeing them for a quite a while myself too. So jealous and looking forward to that story!!!


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