Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Haul: Lancome GWP at Debenhams

I've been squeezing the last dollops out of my Lancome Baume Eclat lately, so this fabulous gift with purchase at Debenhams couldn't have come at a better time 9it just started yesterday and runs until the 28th I think). If you spend £29 or more, you get the gift set, with a 3rd purchase you get a full size Bi-Facil eye-makeup remover (bonus!), so it kinda seemed rude not to splurge. I've also finally got the hang of the Debenhams Beauty Card. If anyone else didn't know, you collect a massive 5 points per £1 (ppp) on online beauty purchases (unfortunately the Lancome gwp isn't online or else I'd have saved myself the bother of shopping instore). Purchases instore over £25 will earn you 3 ppp and under £25, 1 ppp. When you reach 500 points you receive a £5 reward, 1000 is £10 and so on. Points are converted into £'s once each month and if you haven't reached 500 or have extra, they are carried over month to month. Make sense? I tell you, I'm going to be racking up those points shopping online for MAC-I've already spent £20 worth of rewards in the past couple of months. Fabuloso.
Anyway, as you can see the GWP consists of...nice big sizes of Tonique Douceur 125ml and Galateis Douceur 125ml, Genefique Yeux 5ml, Genefique Youth Activating Concentrate 5ml, choice of skincare-either Hydra Zen or I got Renergie Lift Volumetry Day Cream 15ml because I fancied trying that for a change, Hypnose Mascara 2ml and Juicy Tubes 7ml in Fraise (think I already have this). Usually it's the makeup items that tempt me in a GWP, but this time I was more enthralled with the skincare as I'm currently using tonnes of their products (Genefique Youth Activating Concentrate and Night Cream and about to start the eye cream, Bi-Facil, Baume Eclat and occasionally Eau Micellaire Douceur), phew!

As I said, I bought another Baume Eclat-I've reviewed it before (years ago) and now I'm getting to the point of not being able to live without it! I'm going the same way with Bi-Facil I think! I also got the much coveted Ombre Absolue eyeshadow in G40 Erika F (133)!! I had wanted to finally pick up Laque Fever in 212 Overheated Beige (remember I raved about this last year?) but the last one was sold yesterday! Gah it seems like I'm not supposed to get that gloss! It's soooo pretty too (a beige nude but with bright pink sparkles). I was kinda stuck for a third item to seems like I own 2/3 of the lip products on display and the rest weren't my colours. I saw a gorgeous pink sparkly Laque Fever (316 Pink My Ride) almost as pretty as 212 but then I realised I already have that one! So I ended up with Color Fever Gloss in 382 Bloody Black Cherry which was part of the Xmas collection-so I knew for a fact I didn't have it (and would have remembered that name anyway). It's a deep purple, much brighter than it looks in the tube but it can be sheered out if you don't like it scary dark. What a haul eh? I'm like super excited with it all!


  1. Lovely GWP - and now it's available on-line, so I topped up my Lancome supply, and am awaiting delivery :)

  2. I know-it's such a great deal-I'm so naughty I just bought another lot online! I couldn't resist the 10% off, bonus 750 beauty points, GWP and free delivery!!

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