Monday, 4 April 2011

Inspiretty #66

More on these shoes tomorrow, although I shouldn't really make promises like that because I have a backlog of posts I've been meaning to do! Thank you for all your comments regarding Pearl Lowe/Peacocks, I think it's my most commented on post ever! I'm now dreading my order turning up because I think I've wasted my money, sadly I know exactly the awful, shiny, sticky fabric you're talking about : (


  1. Hi

    i'd seriously consider giving the red dress a whirl. By far the best cut and quality and looked far nicer in flesh

    gutted tho about the rest

  2. Hi,
    I just thought I would leave some feedback on the dresses to give you a bit of hope that they are maybe not as bad as they seem. My order arrived the next day (Friday) so that was good.
    Firstly the Joy as everyone says the material isn't great at first look but once you try it on it feels slightly large (which is always nice) but then you tie it around the back and it gives it a wonderful fit. I wore it for Mothers Day and my mum commented saying"oooo I like your dress it's like the kind my mum used to wear in the 40's just not the same material!" so that was nice. And the stratchy material is actually quite nice as it never feels too tight but gives a really flattering fit around your waist.
    The pink butterfly one I didn't like at all the fit wasn't right and just didn't look right on me at all so that went back.
    The black Honey is lovely and more flattering then the cream and due to the black it gives a nice silouhette.
    Finally the Greta butterfly was a bit tight around the boobs but a size up would have been too big everywhere else other than that it is a nice fit and the spotty panels give a slimming effect a bit like an optical ilusion!
    overall I wasn't as disappointed as I thought I would have been after all the comments. I agree the prices are a bit expensive and the matreials aren't great but the fit and shape are wonderful expecially if you are a bit larger/curvier as I always find it hard to get nice fitting dresses so i think this makes up where it lacks in other places!
    Hope that makes you feel a bit better!Let us know what you thinbk when your's arrive x

  3. Thank you-Now that I've 'studied' the red dress in more detail it does appear to have a lovely fit-it's just the colour that's putting me off, I think it would clash terribly with my hair (I tend to stay away from reds and corals).

    Ribena-wow that was fast. Thanks for the info...did you ever try or see the shirt dress one from last year (Mischa Barton wore it, it was dark purple with large flowers on it)? It was horrible fabric and I'm worried the Joy is similar to that-hoping not though. I have the black floral one like the pink butterfly and I'm still not 100% convinced the fit is right for me, but because it's black I think I get away with it, so perhaps the pink will look horrid on me! I love the dresses in theory, so I'm just so annoyed they've chosen cheap fabrics and ruined what could have been a great collection.

  4. Hi,
    Yeah I went for express delivery it was only a pound more so I thought i might aswell!!
    I think I know which one you mean and it possibly is the same material but not as heavy so it actually hangs quite nicely and fits around the bust really nicely-has a kind of cross over feature. Also because it is stretchy material the sleeves can be poofed up if you want them to be as they are elasticated and the shoulders have rouching detail-a bit like the ruby rocks dress. I would say the material isn't wonderful but it is light, fits and hangs nicely and is very flattering-see what you think when your's arrives!
    I can see what you mean about the butterfly one in dark material. I can imagine it would look lots better. It was just that it wasn't fitted and just had two pieces of material - same as dress-that you tied around the waist to pull it in, it might actally look ok with a belt. The sleeves were gorgeous on it though-like butterfly wings and I was tempted to keep it just for those!
    I think you need to try them on to truly make your mind up as they look alot different on then they do in the pictures!
    Did you manage to sort the front out on your Peggy Lace dress? I ended up cutting the front of the white insert out-leaving the back and half of the strap which I stitched into the lace on the shoulder and then just wore a black bra with it-it ended up looking quite good and fitted really well so I was quite pleased with that! :0)

  5. just wow at those heels..
    i don't have anything helpful on the pearl lowe stuff sorry..


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