Friday, 17 December 2010

Primark SS11 Preview

Having not been outdoors at all for over 3 weeks now I'm obviously missing the fresh air (and boy is it fresh in these cold conditions) but I'm really missing my regular shopping trips. I like seeing what's in the shops just now and looking at the pretty window displays and more precisely I'm missing my Primark hauls! The last few times I've been there though it's actually been rubbish, nothing jumping out at me that I hadn't seen before. So, I was really keen to see the newer Spring stuff and actually from the little preview, it's pretty exciting. It's perhaps a little out of date for those very fashion forward ladies, taking inspiration from Prada SS10 and AW10/11. Think midi length skirts, beach prints, retro inspired glasses, pointed kitten heels with bows and of course it wouldn't be spring/summer without a splash of nautical.
I'm absolutely in love with the retro beach scene on this dress, £17. I'd been hoping the high-street would pick this up. Due instore end of January. (Platforms £12, instore now).
This isn't usually my style (not even sure it would suit my shape), but I like the laid back feel of it. £15 due end of January. Cork platforms £12 due end of March.
The last thing I bought in Primark was a short, pleated dress not unlike this midi length one. It's £17, the floppy hat is £4 both due end of February. Rust belted dress £15 due March, wedges £12 due February, satchel £7 due March.
Halter dress £15 due beginning of February and how much do I love this vintage inspired prom dress? Stunning, £21 (ooh expensive for Primark, haha) due in beginning of March. The floppy hat £4 mid March and cork platforms £18 beginning of April.
Here's a touch of the nautical; stars and stripes jumper £10, spotted shorts £6, striped holdall £6 due mid February, rope wedges £14 end of February, red headband £1.50 beginning of January. Red tee £8 due end of January, belted spotted palazzo pants £14 due beginning of March (really like these), bow trim hat £3, due end February, rope wedges (as before).
Beautiful 50's floral skirt £16 due end of January, crochet jumper £16 beginning of February, kitten heel slingbacks £10 due mid January. Jumpsuit £17 instore now and high waisted jeans £14 end of December.
Channelling Miu Miu SS10 with a kitsch bird print chiffon blouse £8 instore now, mid calf flared skirt £10 end of January.
Multi coloured dress £15 beginning of March, embroidered cardigan £16 end of February, cork platforms as before, red satchel £7 and socks £1.50 beginning of March. I'm ridiculously excited about these retro glasses (although I think it's very vain, that I'd wear 'fake' glasses in public, but never my real glasses, although it's probably because I can't see through them outside). Anyway, I've been on the lookout for the perfect pair and unfortunately genuine vintage glasses are too pricey for me but these are a bargaintastic £2 due at the end of January. The frilly, shell print dress is another stunner £9 due end of March along with the wedges £18 and straw bag £7.
Lace tee £8 end of January, shorts £5 mid March, shoe boots £14 beginning of January and floral headband £2 end of December. Waterfall grey jacket £17 instore now.
I know a few fashion bloggers who'll love these items, I wouldn't dare subject anyone to me in short pleather shorts! They are £10 and the mustard cardi is £8 due mid January.


  1. The shell print and beach dresses? I NEED them in my lives <3

  2. I can't see my boobs squishing into that beach dress, but I really want it.

  3. Awesome collection! Mostly I prefer to wear the halter dresses so I like that black halter dress. Looks really nice!
    Adorable post! Keep posting.

  4. roll on end of jan for my beach print dress and floral print skrit!! :)


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