Monday, 28 February 2011

PPQ For Office

I hope you're all very proud of me-I haven't purchased anything online for over 2 weeks! I've even paid my sister back for all the money she lent me last year. I'm still repaying Mum, but getting there. Only problem is, this week sees the release of so many fabulous collections. I've been avoiding MAC like the plague in preparation for Wonder Woman and Viva Glam Gaga 2. Then there's Glamour magazine with their 10th birthday issue and a free Clinique item with every issue (10 different types to collect)...the mag is only £2 a copy, but £20 if you're wanting all 10 like me! We have the Pearl Lowe/Peacocks range in April and a hot new designer/high street the form of PPQ for Office.
The black and gold embroidered heels and wedges (above) were first spotted on the PPQ SS11 catwalk. They have a definite Moroccan feel, as most of the collection does. The wedges in particular have such an unusual design, with an almost 'cut-off' feel along the top. The giant platform and 14.5cm heel on the peep toe sandals will have you walking tall, but the rubber sole should put to rest any worries about toppling over!
These Tiziri sandals in either red, green or black may look simple in design, but upon closer inspection you'll note they were created from one piece of suede with no seams-pretty impressive. Again they have a towering heel with the large rubber grip sole.
Another stand out piece from this range for me, was the Amina platform court or Amina pump, if sky high heels scare you. They're instantly recognisable as PPQ with their colourful harlequin embroidery accented with sequins and jewels.
For an unmistakable, classic summery feel, go for these Menna bow sandals. In either pink/orange or green/blue stripes, I love the little bows and am definitely adding them to my wishlist.

There's another 4 styles in this collection which I haven't shown here, so if you'd like more details pop over to the Office site now, where all items are available for purchase.


  1. I'm crazy about the black and gold embroidered sandals!!! Am drooling over my keyboard as we speak, and seriously bummed out because Office does not deliver outside of the UK. :(

  2. Hi hon, sorry took me so long to reply. I'd be happy to buy the shoes for you if you want and ship them to you. Office don't accept paypal and I don't have any money just now, so you would have to pay me first, then I could transfer that money into my account and buy them for you-it would just take a few days. Then we could sort out shipping costs after I receive the shoes and weigh them : ) Email me x

  3. Hey Gemma! Thanks so much for the offer (you were right, I forgot to check back here), so very sweet of you, but I'm trying my very best to continue my shoe detox like a brave girl anyway. I just purchased a house, so money's tight here. :p


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