Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Inspiretty #38

I saw this image of the Girls Aloud girls at London Fashion Week (Vivienne Westwood) and my first thought was 'ooh, I like Sarah's darker hair', second was 'who is that bending over at the side...gorgeous dress, cute shoes'. In all honesty those comments may have even been the other way around! I usually like Nicola Roberts outfits, but this one doesn't even rate a mention in my books (and Sarah looks waaay better in her Westwood dress and nude courts). The girl bending over happened to be Jaime Winstone, who along with all of Girls Aloud, I'm really not that keen on. However I have to admit, that girl can dress...well sometimes. Ok, so she looks a bit bedraggled in this next pic, on closer inspection of a few hq images-she has bruises all over her legs, needs to blot her makeup, the dress is see-through and she isn't wearing bra and her toes are...strange (pointing in opposite directions to what they should). That said, the dress is all puffy and crazy and there's a mish-mash of colours but I like it...I actually like it and the shoes for a cool colour pop! So Jamie gets to be my Inspiretty today...oh and those rumours in yesterdays gossip mags about Sarah Harding's boob job were true I guess, she definitely didn't have those before!!


  1. Hi,
    I also love this dress-do you know where its from-not that I'd be able to afford it!! :0)

  2. Maybe it's just because she didn't properly 'finish' the look (hair, make-up, underwear etc.), but I actually like Sarah's way better! It's nice and fitted, while patterned and bright and crazy. Love it!

  3. i like the dress, although it looks totally different from the front to how i thought it would!

  4. ribena-couldn't find an image but sure it'll be Westwood, especially with that writing on it.

    HoS-Love Sarah's look too, that Westwood style of dress is always super flattering.

    Char-yeah I didn't expect a high neckline certainly.


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