Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Primark Accessories Haul Part 2

So, here is the big jewellery haul from Primark last week. More items along the nautical/sea theme and a few other bits and bobs.
I grabbed these necklaces while Mum was standing in the queue! I'm not sure how long the chain is, but I really liked the charms. The teddy has jointed arms and legs, ceramic teapot and cup and Eiffel tower and poodle. If I don't like the length, I'll just pop them on another chain-you can't really go wrong for £1.50 each can you?
The cameo, pearl ring I wore today.
This one has an elasticated metal band and there was also a jewelled flower version available.
I love this peachy flower with little jewel accents.
Very similar to the River Island 2 finger ring I liked last year-really like this one.
Set of 3 plastic rings, a red heart, black bow and cream rose.
Pearl bracelet with sea themed charms.
A jewelled swallow brooch.
I looove this hinged snake bangle!
I got a grey one like this for Christmas and it sits really nicely, so I picked up this cream one.
Two small square scarves-love that boat print, not sure what to do with them though (only £2 for both)!
A longer cameo print scarf.


  1. Fab haul! I miss going to Primark! Moved to a town with non nearby!

    I have the snake bangle and love it! It looks much more expensive than £3! xx

  2. Wow, such a great haul! I want everything here <3

  3. not sure how i didn't notice the teacups or the teddy neckalces!

  4. Nic-oh no-I couldn't live without a regular dose of Primark! Yeah I saw this bangle recently on someones blog and thought it looked so expensive, then I realised it was the primark one!

    Rai-they have fab jewellery just now. I was taking them off the stand as they were putting them out-the woman kept looking at me like a weirdo for grabbing so many things!

    Char-well I missed them too! I thought I'd been around all 4 sides of every stand then I spotted a whole side of them, think there was a cute swallow one too, but I resisted!

  5. I have those first necklaces (not the teddy tho :() and they are adorable!

  6. Love primark jewellery , cant get enough of it !! so cheap too, I also have virtually all the jewellery in you haul :) great minds and all that.
    Carys ♥


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