Sunday, 20 February 2011

To See Or Not

At this time of year, Topshop Unique always unveil their latest spring collection and it's usually the shoes I'm most interested in. On the runway, models wore sky high perspex wedges adorned with tassels, buckles and knotting. I wasn't overly gaga on the shoes or sandals, but really liked the boots.
In reality though, Topshop have been a little lame and replaced the see through heel with a normal leather covered wedge. A bit disappointing as it was really the contrast of modern, sleek plastic with this rustic looking, rough leather that appealed in the first place.
I'm not sure why they changed their minds or thought it wouldn't work for the high street. Each of these shoes retail at £145, so for that price you would expect they could afford a bit of moulded plastic in the costing! I actually bought a pair of perspex wedges from Miss Selfridge around 10 years ago when I worked in London. I was working unpaid, but fell in love with these shoes the first day I arrived (as you do) and spent (I think) around £20-25 on them (which was practically my weekly budget)! They were peep toe mules with just a strip of plastic for uppers and a skinny perspex wedge heel with wooden foot bed (I actually found a pic of me wearing them below-although you can't see the heel). I wore them to death-several times! The heel tip fell off after a few weeks, so I got them re-heeled, then it happened again and by the third time I realised it wasn't worth spending more on replacement heels than what the actual shoes cost! I did love those shoes though...
models feet image, shoe image, Topshop Unique shoes from top tan or red, black and white, available online now priced £145 each.


  1. what a shame that they have decided to do that, i wonder why :s
    i haven't really been inspired by anyuthing in topshop for ages now..i went in on saturday and left again after deciding the pochahontas look wasn't for me..

  2. haha yep I know! The shoes have actually been crap for at least 6 months, so disappointing. Jewellery hasn't been that fabulous either!

  3. yup - the shoes are pretty disappointing without the perspex. I was holding out for a white pair. No longer. Boo.


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