Saturday, 19 February 2011

I Want...Animal Rings!

If you've purchased any Miss Selfridge jewellery online lately, you'll have noticed that the entire collection was price reduced and not a single full price product was to be had on the entire site. It made me a panic a little that Miss S may be discontinuing Diva jewellery. The good news was that I, like many others, picked up handfuls of bargains over the past few months. Even during a quick pit-stop at the MS jewellery stand in Debenhams recently I got 4 rings for a tenner, as they were in the sale and BOGOF (buy one get one free).
This week though, the site has gradually been restocking full price items-phew. Here's where it gets a little strange though...the majority are brand new items, but there are many that were included in the clearance that you can now purchase at full price (?). There's quite a few things I've bought from that selection, so I'm pretty chuffed that I got them considerably cheaper. They have added a ton of animal themed items though...uh-oh, here I go again. I need them. Do you hear me? Neeeeed them, yes indeady. I want that little sitting froggy £12.50, because he's mega cute, the swan is too similar to my Topshop one (just a swan without the flower), so I can pass on that, same with the unicorn (remember the pewter Topshop one I got years ago? Identical), the pearl with the snake I already have, the other frogs I could maybe pass up along with the bird (how many bird rings can one person own?), but I love my Evans fox ring (it's sits so perfectly), that I'm keen to purchase the similar-ish wolf one (with bow-from Little Red Riding Hood then?) and that bright parakeet is unlike anything I have, so I kinda want that too! Then the lovely Char sent me this picture text today (below)....I die! Seriously, seriously need this bunny ring. The earrings are on the site already, so hopefully they'll add the ring soon, then there will be no stopping me!
Last month Irregular Choice got in on the act by adding some stunning jewelled animal rings to their online accessories. Absolutely drop dead gorgeous...but can't afford!
I suppose that cute faced panda is similar to my River Island one (and 3x the price). I do like the 2 birds in the top image and the 2nd owl...cute! I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but my next video was going to be a closer look at all my animal rings, seeing as I have so many. However I keep adding to my collection and have never had time to edit the original photos and now they need updating. I know a lot of you love seeing my jewellery, so it's definitely something I'll be working on this month.


  1. that rabbit ring is too cute!
    as are most of the ones you've featured! if only i had some money - why do I always see nice stuff when i'm skint lol

  2. I love the animal rings trend! I only have a couple, but your ring collection is massive!! so cute at how you arrange and organise your jewellery (If You Like It post)
    Those storage trays are super clever! I might save up for one!
    Please do take some pics for your brooches would love to see your collection :)

  3. That bunny ring is veeeeeeeeeeery cute...another thing to look out for on holiday lol! My list is way to long by now!

  4. DMD-gah, I know! I've just paid my sister back for my overspending last year, so I'm desperate for money just now! The bunny is a must-have for me.

    C Nik Nak-thank you. Yeah it's been a very expensive 'trend' for me and the more shops that participate, the more I buy!

    Marlein, your list is going to be soooo long!

  5. I already have 16 items on the list and I haven't even intensely checked all the webshops yet LOL but most are cheap, like products from Rose & Co and stuff. I'll need a bigger suitcase hehe Easyjet should totally let me take an extra one for free as a reward for supporting the Scottish economy XD

  6. No 18 items! Forgot to put on the books! I loooooove that big bookstore on Princess street! And I love the cheap books, if I buy English books over here it's really expensive :( Thank god for (and trips to the UK) as I only read English books :D

  7. i love the bunny ring, but it's too big ;(


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