Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Primark Tights

Last week I had to take some returns back to Primark and the returns counter is situated upstairs with the men's, children's and ladies hosiery, shoes and bag departments. I hadn't been up there for ages and there were tonnes of lovely tights that I just couldn't resist. They were all priced either £2 or £2.50. I got nude with a thigh pattern, kinda like a tattoo, nude with hearts, sheer black with hearts and the same with bows. Lacey, floral patterned black tights, thick navy with dusky pink hearts and supposedly black (they look navy in the flesh) thick black with tiny white dots. I passed up a few other pairs including some fake-suspender tights, just because the detail was so high up the leg, I'd have to wear shorts or something ridiculously short to show it off and I wouldn't do that!
I also got a few dresses, but I'm not really sure about the fit, so might have to take them back. Although I already have 'the beach dress' I was looking for it (because I'm sad) or the skirt version, which I still haven't seen yet. We asked the girl behind the counter and she said they just got the beach dress in and they'd put it with the beach-wear (?!). I knew she had to be meaning something else, because you wouldn't merchandise that dress with swimwear. I was right, it was a long maxi tube dress with a sunset, palm tree design on it in oranges and purple. I guess it was a beachy print, just not what I meant....no sign of the poppy skirt either or practically anything that was in the January/February drop. I'm starting to wonder why a decent sized store gets such crap stock...


  1. Lovely! Tights are a new obsession of mine atm. Pretty polly have some great designs but Primark are great for cheaps! I wore the ones you first pictured and got called a prostitute =[! http://bon-vivant-clique.blogspot.com/2011/02/what-i-wore-streetwalker-non.html I do still love them though!!

    Love J.

  2. lovely tights! been searching for the suspender tights for a while in primark, but finally caved and brought them from topshop for alot more! still not sure what to wear them with though!...

  3. lovely lot of tights, i managed to get a nude version of the tattoo effect ones in the sale for £1! but i'm not really sure what to wear them with, i hate my legs at the moment so not sure if i really want to draw attention to the m!!


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