Sunday, 20 February 2011

Primark SS11 Part 2

So did everyone get the Primark 'beach dress' and all the other items they wanted from the spring/summer stuff I previewed last year? Either way, you better prepare for the March drop of purse friendly fashion hitting stores! Personally I'm feeling a little hard done by with Primark. Their recent sizing changes should have been for the better, but I used to fit their 18's and now my boobs are too squished in the 20's! I've had to return so many dresses lately that just don't fit comfortably. Then there's the fact that the Dundee store get a crap selection...poppy skirt? No. Beach dress or skirt? Nope. Not even these cute shoes Char showed me the other week...grrr! Here's a rundown of the best bits...
You may recall I really wanted these glasses. Has anyone seen them? In my store they have a sunglasses version, but not clear lenses...I really wanted them for £2! Plus here's a much bigger pic of the shell dress I showed you last time, dress £9, bag £7, shoes £18 all end of March.
and a much bigger image of this gorgeous dress-I love it! Although there doesn't look like there's much boob room, so it probably won't fit. It's £21 (but worth every penny) due the end of March.
These shoes remind me of Victoria Beckham throwing that ball...was it baseball? Who cares! We were all too intrigued by her high heeled wedge trainers! These aren't due until the beginning of May and are £20 (quite expensive for Primark I reckon).
This cork pair are £18, beginning of April.
Floral shorts £10 beginning of March.
Gorgeous dotty palazzo pants £14 beginning of March.
Halter dress £15 should be instore already.
Rust shirt dress £15 beginning of March.
Leopard and lace dress £15 beginning of March.
Ooh someone's been watching Louis Vuitton very closely! Glad to see this ladylike, voluptuous trend take off. Dress £15 due at the end of February.
You saw this dress on the model last time...£17 due the end of this month.
A couple of straw hats, £3 each also due this month.
There's lovely colours in this floral dress £15 beginning of March.
This red dress should be instore now, £15.
Finally this jumpsuit £16 is due the end of March.
Anything you fancy from this lot?

images owned by primark


  1. ooh the shell dress and the one below it are on my "want" list! i have the floral shoes and they are remarkably comfortable. i havent' seen the glasses anywhere but will keep a look out for them, and i have the halter dress which i love, and at the weekend i picked up the ONLY one of the "vuitrton" copy dress, which was clearly a return as it wasn't on the chester store's system..

  2. The belted prom dress is instore, or at least it was in the Aberdeen store. It's got such a full skirt though, and not in a very flattering way..:(

  3. oooh,that was lucky! I saw one random pair of floral palazzo pants that I was really tempted with the other week, obviously a return as I've never seen anymore.

    Louise, I like full skirts...but I know what you mean ; )

  4. So your the reason all the jewellery gets snapped up in my Primark! :L

    Dundee's my local store too, and while I think the selection is pretty good, I'm always amazed when I got up to Aberdeen and see SO much more!

    Primark's sizing is pretty dodgy, stuff is skimped/wrong hangers/even wrong stickers/tags! I suppose you have to just accept that though for the prices :/

    Loving your blog btw, recent find xx


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