Saturday, 19 February 2011

If You Like It...

I'm about to bombard you with SS11 stuff from various brands that I really want to talk about. However I don't like my blog becoming completely devoted to 'company images' as it's a bit like an advertisement (even although it's not) and although I find it useful myself being able to see what to look out for instore-I like to add my own images and views into the mix too. With that said, I'm feeling completely lethargic this week and not very motivated or inspired to sort through dozens of my own images and get them right and labelled and up here. I blame it on February-my most hated month of the year! My lack of enthusiasm will come across believe me, so I'm going to stick with the slightly easier to write SS11 posts! I will add these pics in the middle for something else to look at though....
I decided my jewellery storage needed an overhaul yet again, as I've been pretty obsessive with my purchases, doubling or maybe trebling my collection recently. I want neatness and I want all my rings in the one place, so I don't have to go sorting through several boxes each day to find what I'm looking for. Seeing as my animal rings make up around half of my ring collection, I figured I could split this box into one layer normal rings/one layer animal rings. It had previously struggled to hold all my rings on one level with brooches and some necklaces underneath. The tray that comes out is split into several smaller sections whilst the bottom layer is split in half. Should I therefore sort the animal rings by animal type? Colour? Style? Size? I tried a couple of different ways and ended up (after hours) deciding upon a mixture of size, style and colour (shown above). Then I sorted through all my other rings (below) and put them in the bottom, only to realise once the tray was on top, the damn lid wouldn't shut!
I was so annoyed! It was a waste of an evening as I then lost interest in rearranging them for the millionth time. I have several decent storage boxes for my jewellery, although they never seem to be quite perfect. I did move the 'other rings' into a drawer of another box (for now), but they are squished and it doesn't allow for new purchases. Ideally I'd like a box with lots of trays or layers, similar to ring trays in jewellery shops, where the ring band sits in the roll and that keeps them all separated, but neat and it's easy to see each ring. Plus it doesn't matter how big they are, they all fit in. I didn't really want to go to the expense of buying yet more storage though which probably isn't going to look as pretty as the boxes I already own and is going to take up even more room (which I'm already struggling for). After a little investigating just now, I found this site and this is exactly what I need...but they are £6.95 per tray, plus I'd have to find something to house the trays in or else that would defeat the whole purpose. Hmmm.
I also had tonnes of brooches that I'd inherited from my Granny and some new ones I bought that need rehoused, so I need to find time to rethink the whole storage thing again. I didn't get many decent pics that night as I forgot to take photos when I got so carried away. You should've seen the 'before' though-a right mess!


  1. You have so many! I don't think I've seen such a collection before! Amazing.

  2. Such a lovely and very big collection! x

  3. ooh so many rings!
    can i ask where you got the pink box? it looks like a great size for storage! :)

  4. Char-it was a gift a few years back, don't know where's abasolutely gorgeous. It has a full size mirror in it and locks and has this gorgeous dress stuck on the top. It's obviously supposed to be used for makeup because the top tray has lettering saying lipsticks, eye pencils etc.


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