Thursday, 17 February 2011

Peacocks SS11

I'm thoroughly impressed with Peacocks right now. I'd been browsing the site this week (purely 'window shopping' due to my current lack of cash) and added several dresses to my basket that I definitely want to purchase when I get some pennies. These lace peter pan collar dresses (above) in floral or plain black (£20 each) would get a lot of wear in my wardrobe along with this polka dot tunic a steal at £16.
This belted prom dress (above) £22 was new in this week and I love the detail around the neck and the full skirt. The floral print on this dress (below) is super cheerful and although all of these dresses aren't the most spring like, I'd get loads of wear out of them before (or if) we ever get some sunshine.
Come April, Peacocks have yet another collection from Pearl Lowe (yipee) and daughter Daisy has designed some vintage inspired swimwear which will launch in May. Other items coming soon for spring include this gorgeous floral jumpsuit below. The nipped in waist and kitsch cherry print on this prom dress £20, get the thumbs up from me. I'm also loving the heart print on this chiffon pussy bow blouse, £15 and I couldn't leave you without any shoes, so here's some stonking great platforms, not bad at £25 each. You basically need to start saving now!


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  2. Oh wow, you're right time to get saving! I definitely need the prom dress, Cherry print dress and pussy bow blouse!

    xxx Maddie

  3. OOOOOEEEEHHHHHH I NEED that floral lace peterpan collar dress! I couldn't find it on the site though, is it sold out already do you think? I'll go hunting for it when I'm in Edinburgh....such a shame there isn't a Peacocks on Princess street as that's were our hotel I can't sneak out while my BF is still sleeping and go shopping without him noticing lol...(I'm a total idiot at finding my way, I ALWAYS get lost and panic :$ so embarrassing...he however never ever gets lost so he'll have to take me lol). I saw there were 3 in Edinburgh, do you know which one is the best/biggest?

    I also NEEEEEEEED these like crazy (been trying to find sunglasses like this since last summer! Exactly like these, they're perfect!)

    And possibly this aswell:

    Yaay Peacocks! :D

  4. oooh i love the cherry dress (although seriously how many black cherry print dresses does a girl need, i have at least one..) and i need the belted floral prom dress..hopefully i'll see them in store soon, as i sometimes find peacocks dresses a little hit and miss..

  5. maddie-haven't seen any of the PL stuff yet, but I'm sure it'll be fab as always!

    Marlein-I had trouble finding that dress when it moved from the 'just arrived' section, but it seems that and the black have completely gone now, damn! My nearest Peacocks is crap, so I was hoping when I got money I could do a big online order-hope they get more in. Just checked the P stores in Edinburgh...they are all a little out of the way. Not sure which is biggest I'm afraid as i haven't been to any of them. That boat cardigan must just have arrived after I made this post because I didn't see that-I really like it, very cute.

    Char-yeah the quality is sometimes iffy. I bought a very similar cherry dress from Be Beau at Matalan years ago, but it never really fitted, so I'm keen to get a new one!

  6. Thank you so much for your post! I saw it and went straight to the website and ordered faaaaaaaaaaaaar too many items including the black lace collar dress (I've been trawling Ebay for the Pearl Lowe one for months in my size and never managing to win it). Now wish I'd ordered the beautiful floral one too especially as you say it's gone! Hope you manage to get them

  7. Kezzie, yeah hope they restock...don't quite believe all sizes sold out so fast when I was keeping an eye on them! Really want to place an order.


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