Sunday, 6 February 2011

Review: No7 Exquisite Curl Mascara

Stone the flamin' crows! I was just updating some of my 'labels' on The Shoe Girl Diaries and flipped through all of the pages (right back to the start). It was quite interesting to see how many pairs I don't own any more and how shockingly bad my photography 'skills' were back at the start. Anyway, then I noticed I wrote 'Day Ninety Two' twice!! D'uh! Nobody noticed either! It would be waaaay too much hassle to rectify, so I'll just leave it as it is.
Anyway, I received this mascara on Saturday and was so impressed with it, I thought I'd post some quick pics already. It's the newest one from No7 called Exquisite Curl and seeing as I've tried every other No7 mascara, I was really keen to give this one a go.
It comes in a lovely muted lilac, shimmery tube and the brush is dense and curved. It's not too large (you know I don't like massive brushes) and I found the curve made it really easy to apply. One sweep coats all your lashes from outer to inner corner, so I was really impressed with that.
Obviously the curl is the biggest feature of this mascara with volume apparently second. For me, it curled brilliantly, no question, although the image below isn't the best illustration of that. Volume wasn't there for me though, I found it lengthened more and I don't see that as a criticism. It really separates lashes well, without clumping them together in sparse groups, you see lots of individual lashes. I'll take better images next week, but with one application I'm already taken with it. It's great for that everyday look and really opens the eye. Available in Black or Brown/Black, currently priced at £10 in Boots (£13 from 23rd Feb).
No7 are also running a fabulous competition on their Facebook page to find the best wink! Either upload a video or photo of your wink and click on the 'best wink' tab, for the chance to win one of 9 goodie bags each week or the star prize of a pampering weekend including a masterclass with the lovely Lisa Eldridge (No7 makeup artist). The competition closes on 15th February, so get winking!

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