Thursday, 3 February 2011

Brand Focus: Lancome Butterflies Fever

So like I said the other week (then didn't have time to carry it out!), this month on the blog it's Lancome as my brand focus. I spoke back then about their newest launch, Ultra Lavande. I was really, really keen to see this collection in person as it looked so beautiful in the promo pics-I have to say in reality I was a little disappointed. I had fully expected to hand over the entire contents of my bank account for some pretty pastel cosmetics, but left with only one item. That one item is probably the star piece of the collection granted!Butterflies Fever is a mineral blush, quite sheer but buildable (apparently, I haven't been able to bring myself to touch it yet). The sparkle is sporadic and only an overlay, the main colour is a soft peachy pink and you have little accents of lilac, pink and purple. The blush comes in the usual sleek black compact with mirror and tiny brush (which I wouldn't use for this personally). It's priced £32.50 and comes in one shade 01 Glowy Ballerine.
As for the rest of the range, I have to say the store I went to doesn't have quite the full collection, some items on the stand were repromotes I think. First of all, I rushed to the Color Fever Glosses, of which there are 3 (the palest of pale tan, pink and lilac). Now you know it really doesn't take much for me to drool over lip products and I already own an extensive collection of CF glosses, but these shades were just far too sheer for me with little or no colour at all. Both Beige and Rose Ballerine could have been the same swatch, practically clear and not even any pretty sparkles to entice me. Lavande Ballerine did have a little more colour but still not enough for me to spend £18 on it. Perhaps used in conjunction with the lipsticks is the way to go for these glosses. As for the lipsticks, this stand only had 2 of Le French Touch Absolu and don't quote me on this, but I reckon it was possibly 308 Lily Rose and 310 Daisy Rose-none of which really grabbed me at all. I think there was another lipstick tester, perhaps a repromote of CF Shine?
Now for the nail polish, the MA was wearing 359 Lavande and it's gorgeous, I really want it, but it had sold out already. It's the one shown on the model in the promotional images and is a bright purple creme. The other one was a shimmery top coat. Speaking of, the Hypnose Drama mascara in 19 Disco Lavande is absolutely stunning. A beautiful sparkling top coat for your lashes, I was actually really tempted with this although realised I would never wear it enough. The quad eyeshadow was also quite pretty, the MA was wearing that and it really suited her. The Ombre Magnetique loose eyeshadows also didn't do it for me. I tried the silvery white one and I felt it easily wiped away to nothing but a little bit of sparkle, it's incredibly light and fly away not with much pigment-perhaps I didn't sample enough product but a base would definitely be required. I did pick up the Teint Miracle foundation too, naughty me! I've absolutely been on a foundation kick lately and am so impressed with those that I've tried thus far. I am having to be careful though because my skin is playing up from trying so many new things at once, so you'll just have to be patient until I get around to reviewing them all! Here's the new ones-I've tried Rimmel, Estee Lauder, Illamasqua and Max Factor but not Lancome or Myface.

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