Thursday, 24 February 2011

Review: Rimmel 'State Of Grace' Glam Eyes Quad

Today sees the launch of the new TV ad for Rimmel Glam'Eyes eyeshadow. I haven't spotted it yet, but I was recently sent the 'State Of Grace' 021 quad to try out. I was pleased with this shade selection, as they're totally 'me colours'. There's a very deep purple and pale greyish silver plus a pretty light aqua and bright sky blue.
The compact comes with instructions on the back if you're stuck for ideas. It also includes a double ended sponge applicator which I've found useful for the purple shade especially. I found all 3 colours to be well pigmented, but the aqua was a little more sheer than I would've liked. All of the colours were easy to work with and have some shimmer, but not big glitter chunks.
The first day I decided to try out all the shades together and here's where I have serious envy for those girls that can take super cool eye shots and fotd faces! I'm not so good and the flash has a tendency to make everything super shimmery but without it you can barely see anything, so bear that in mind and ignore the shiny forehead below! I used the silver as a highlighter along my brow bone, the purple as a liner underneath my eye and along the top lashline using the smaller end of the sponge applicator. The aqua and blue you can't really tell apart in this image, but I think the aqua was more toward the lashes (but on the lid) and the blue more in the socket. The lipstick is MAC Pink Friday (which I don't think I suit) and the blush was Pout (can't remember which one off hand).
The next day I wore the deep purple alone, just up to my crease for a more dramatic but simple look with thick eyeliner and Rimmel The Max Bold Curves mascara (review for that coming soon). I used the larger side of the sponge and found less eyeshadow falls off the brush this way and the colour is much more vibrant sponged on rather than brushed on. I always wear a base under eyeshadow (usually Too Faced Shadow Insurance), so all my shadows last throughout the day, so I can't really specifically comment on how crease resistant it is without primer.
Finally, a really rubbish pic (and sorry for the mysterious purple lump that is just seen in the first pic). I wanted to create a really exaggerated socket and from the 2nd image it doesn't really look how I planned (it did in the flesh though). I used the silver Rimmel eyeshadow over most of the lid with a Dior one in the crease. The silver can be super white, which I like because it really brightens the eye. Again I found the sponge was the best applicator for the job.

Overall it so far seems to be a really versatile palette and I can't fault the shades within it. They work well together but can also create lots of different looks as I've hopefully shown. This palette is £6.99 and currently on 3 for 2 in Boots.


  1. The blue and pink look amazing on you and flawless eyeliner application whoa! x

  2. very impressed with the fact you can manage perfect eyeliner. i only ever seem to appply it underneath my eye and even then it usually turns out a mess :(

  3. thanks ladies...eyeliner is kinda my specialty! My friends used to hate how perfect it was at school-I have to give credit to the wonderful Lancome Artliner and L'Oreal Superliner which have always made the job much easier!!

  4. i've just found your blog and i adore it! i used to have pink hair (got rid of it in dec) so i can kinda live out my pink hair dream through your blog haha. love it. cant wait to read more xxxxx


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