Monday, 28 February 2011

I Want This...(So Badly)

I haven't done one of these posts for a while have I? Well I really want this, really want it, really need it, must get it! I've been waiting to see what the wonderful Harajuku Lovers brand would come up with for their next fragrance and this is pretty neat. 'G Of The Sea' (love the name) is Gwen in mermaid mode with yet another limited edition scent for summer. I've always supported the HL fragrances and this is just another fantastic release. I love mermaids and G is super sweet with her long, flowing locks and fishy tail. It appears the other HL girls have taken a time-out for this release (my bank balance thanks them)-although my sister is already dreaming up various dress-ups for the girls to accompany G including a crab, seahorse and puffer fish! Yep, I'm thinking that would be super cute too with their little faces peeping out!
The scent itself is essentially floral with citrus top notes and a lingering woody scent. It's currently available in 10ml or 30ml from Sephora and better get it's butt across here, so I can get my hands on it. The bottle that is, not anyone's butt!


  1. I REALLY want this too. I instantly was quite relieved it's not a full collection with the Harajuku Girls involved, because I'm still trying to catch up with the Wicked Style ones.

    If you find out when it's available in the UK could you let me know :)x

  2. cuuute! i love the look of these, but didn't really like any of the scents enough to buyt hem when they first came out, i shall give this one a whiff though!

  3. =0 I want this! Any chance you know of a release date? I love the Harajuku fragrances, mainly cause Gwen Stefani is my no.1 lady crush Lol!!

    Love J.

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  5. I checked Debenhams yesterday for it and saw they got in a few of Wicked Style gift sets and the smaller versions are now avalible seperately. I was so tempted but I'm holding out for this one. :)

  6. Alice-definitely, one is enough for now! Will let you know, don't have any dates yet, but would expect maybe mid/late april?

    Char-I completely but for the bottle! I've found a few scents I like in them but not all!

    BVC-no release date yet for UK, will let you know when I know.

    Sam-yeah I noticed they have the smaller sizes now... i got them in the gift set at xmas as well as all the big fuzzy head versions. Love these bottles, adorable!


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