Saturday, 11 December 2010

Keep Them Coming!

I've been a little bit all over the place this week. Long story short, my Granny has been taken into a hospice and my parents left very abruptly to be by her bedside. We're not sure how long she's got, but the cancer has spread to her brain, so honestly we're hoping not long for her sake. Mum and Dad briefly came home to change their clothes and shower, but I'm not sure how long they'll be away for, it's hard to gauge. I haven't been out of the house for around 3 weeks now (which comes with it's own problems) and without someone here to help me get out, it's not going to happen anytime soon. Our Christmas tree has been sitting undecorated, my Christmas presents and cards hadn't been posted, we were running out of food, I needed more medication and I just hate that feeling that I'm completely stuck in the house and helpless. My sister and I are also absolutely stuffed full of the cold, whole body shaking, choked nose, hot heads, sore throats, coughs, unable to breathe-the lot really! So, that's the reason for the sporadic posting this week.

I did want to say though how nice it was to read all those comments on my
'piece for peace' post. I didn't write it to seek compliments, I really just wanted to be a voice for those that couldn't take something like that on the chin like I did-because honestly I don't really give a crap about whether those women liked my shoes or not plus I reckon there's bound to be at least a few pairs of mine they would secretly like to own! I appreciate your kind comments though, so thank you. In fact I love how over the course of my blogging life, you've grown to know me a little better and know the things I like or don't and often you'll leave me links in comments or email me with info about shoes or jewellery and that's really pretty cool! Just yesterday, Driving Miss Dolly linked me to shoes that she thought I'd love. You were absolutely right and I've been meaning to write about these for a week or so now.
They are by Red or Dead and my passion for the brand has certainly been reignited over the past couple of seasons. I had grown tired of their rainbow coloured, pointy toed stilettos and the brand had kinda fallen off my radar until last winter and this summer which saw some lovely sculpted wedges and fan detailing on platform courts which I really fell for. Then I spotted their new pieces on Schuh and was absolutely blown away, in one word, stunning! And as Driving Miss Dolly said, they are very 'me'.
The ankle boots 'Ettore' £140, come in multi or antique bronze, gold and black. The latter are possibly the more wearable version, although personally, I adore them both and I think you could certainly justify owning both as they do look very different. The basic shape of the boot is something I would expect from a high-end designer brand, certainly not from the high street. You know I'm a sucker for concealed platforms and I just generally love the whole design.
The shoes, Zanini £110 are like the love-child of a clown and Ziggy Stardust! Clomping platforms in the same colourways as the boots. In this instance I definitely prefer the contrast of the stripes with the colourful hearts, rather than the gold version. I think if I were forced to only choose one pair from this lot though, it would have to be the multi coloured ankle boots-they excite me and I'd be very proud to wear them! I'm definitely keeping these on that ever-growing wishlist of mine!


  1. glad you like them - they remind me of the circus - i totally lust after them but cannot afford them so hope you manage to! xxxx

  2. Oh my I hope everything gets better soon :c on the plus side, you have those lovely shoe pictures to look at, so pretty! x

  3. I've been lusting for the multicoloured shoes for two weeks now! Definitely on my want-list, though I doubt they'll stay there much longer... :p
    Pay day comes early in December, très dangereux!!

  4. oh woooowwwww those first one's are INSANE in a good way! You should totally get them! :D

    I hope you and your sister feel better soon, and that the situation with your grandmother stays bearable, so sad when you know it would be better for them if they went, but the sadness after for the family isn't anything to look forward to :(

  5. Yikes i hope things get better for you and your family soon hun!!
    I think the red or dead shows are crazy!!

  6. Yeah definitely circusy, in a good way! Jeez, I have absolutely no money either, so they'll probably be on that wishlist for a long time. I'm dreading this VAT increase in january too : (

    Rai-they are super rpetty, I could look at them all day!

    HoS-I know! I'm already trying to style outfits around them-not good when I can't afford them!

    Marlein-thanks yeah, been coughing all day today, one of those really sore coughs, euch! Yeah, such a sad time to lose her too, around Christmas and especially hard because it's all happened so fast and she was so healthy and strong previously.

    dinoprincesschar-thanks, crazy in a good way though right? heehee

  7. OOOOO I just saw these on amazon!! I didn't know the Zanini came in red too. They only have the black and gold but I did search for that pair on ebay after seeing this post but it's a size 5... I did bid at first then said screw it because I'm a 5.5 or 6 but if you're a 5 then you're in luck!!


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