Sunday, 5 December 2010

Harajuku Girls You Got The Wicked Style

I said no more pics until I sort through the backlog, but....look what I got yesterday! All my cute little Wicked Style girlies! These are the latest Harajuku Lovers fragrances (yep, five new totally different scents), with flocked hair and super adorable harajuku fashions. Debenhams should be getting the smaller size (10ml's) gift set very soon, so look out for that (they have shiny heads not fuzzy hair, but are still gorgeous).
The 30ml fragrances shown here are currently the 'fragrance offer of the week' at Boots (until Wednesday I think-maybe?), reduced from £20 to £12.50 each. The bonus? I got them all off my advantage points so didn't pay a penny, result!!


  1. Wow these are so cute! I'd love it if you could eventually give a little low down of what they smell like and which ones you like best! x

  2. Ahh I really want to get one of these but I haven't sniffed them so I can't decide which to get! :(

  3. oh they're very cute - i've always quite wanted one!! :)

  4. Oh my these are adorable! Want!


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