Tuesday, 14 December 2010

MAC A Tartan Tale Haul

I'm still, believe it or not going through the backlog of images on my computer. One set, I took more recently though-although I see it's 3 weeks ago now (time has obviously been a blur for me lately), is my MAC Tartan Tale stuff. Remember my Mum picked up the things I wanted in Glasgow and got the free tartan bag? It's a different colour on each side and has a drawstring top and gold card tag-reminds me of a cheap dust bag for shoes! Cute though ; ) FYI, my Marcel Wanders pieces finally came yesterday after being held up for 2 weeks with the weather, grrr and my Estee Lauder order also arrived, so I'll have pics soon.
Other than the lipgloss, I haven't had the opportunity to try anything out from this haul yet, but all the colours I picked are kinda my signature (nude lips, smokey eyes and peachy cheeks), which I'm sure can't go wrong. I don't have any swatches, I'll try and do that for you tomorrow.
Glamora Castle eyeshadow is a medium grey with blue through it. My Dad warned me that it wouldn't actually apply as a tartan print on my eyelids-no shit Daddy! Boys!
My Highland Honey blush is a very bright peach in the pan (more like the last image-it was quite dark when I took these pics). It looks very pretty.
The Faerie Glen lipstick is a dusky mauve, nude shade and a lustre, so not much colour pay off, but pretty nonetheless.
Lightly Prancing is a Dazzleglass Creme-a light peachy nude with gold sparkle. On the lips, there's just so much glitter, but it's soft, twinkly sparkles, not big garish, chunks-I love it.

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