Friday, 10 December 2010

If At First You Don't Succeed...

...then try and try again! Yes, perseverance is my motto of the day after I finally, finally got my hands on these Parkie shoes from ASOS.
You may recall I ordered them months ago along with the Alice ankle boots, both from the sale. After trying them on, I decided for comfort, I would need a size larger in Alice and Parkie were absolutely tiny (couldn't even get my foot in them), so a 6 was definitely necessary. However they had sold out (before I even returned them), so I hoped that by the time my return was dealt with, someone else would have returned a size 6 that could be sent out to me. However I got an email to say they were out of stock and that was it. I have checked the website every single day for months and on the rare occasion one size has appeared it's never been what I was looking for. I also wasn't as keen on the taupe version, it was the stark contrast of cream with black that appealed to me in the first place, but I did wonder if I should just get the taupe if I ever saw them. For weeks now there's been nothing, until Wednesday when the black had sizes 4, 5 and 7 and taupe size 3. Still not my size though and by yesterday they had all sold out again. I was late in checking the site today, but got that little flutter of hope when I saw 'choose from 2 colours' and the page seemed to take forever to load but there they were-a size 6 in black-whoopee!

They were originally £90 reduced to £27 plus I had a 10% off code from a previous order (that had been late) to use and remembered the Boots/treat street advantage points scheme (I forgot last time) combined with free super saver delivery, so altogether they cost £24.30-bargain of the century if you ask me! It'll probably take until January to be delivered the way things are heading right now though (I'm still waiting on my last asos package which was sent on the 30th Nov). I'm certainly missing having an ASOS Premier account, but can't afford to renew my membership just now (how sad!). For these shoes, I had to combine money from both of my accounts because I didn't have enough-now that's really sad! Some of you may think they're really not that exciting to look at and perhaps not worth the trouble, but the picture really doesn't do them justice. In the flesh they are just so smart and feel and look very expensive. I'm of the opinion now though that ASOS make their more expensive shoes smaller (including their premium/black ranges etc), because in my experience I've always had to go for a bigger size in these styles-which I must remember next time.


  1. hello!

    i have followed your blog for a while as we have a similar taste in shoes!

    I saw these and thought of you:

  2. well done on getting your hands on them after what sounds like a bit of a challenge to do so!! :)

  3. so excited for their arrival, even although I probably won't get to wear them aside from around the house!


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