Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Swatches: MAC Pink 4 Friday

My MAC Pink 4 Friday lipstick arrived yesterday, in record time I have to add. I really wasn't expecting it before Christmas, considering I waited weeks for my previous parcel to turn up. The lipstick I thought, was officially named 'Pink 4 Friday'. However the box and base label both just say "Pink Friday", I don't know if they're all like that or if it's just the second batch. Anyhow, the pictures I've taken are hellish, but there was absolutely no daylight, so I was struggling.
In the tube the lipstick looks a very bright, bold, barbie pink, darker than Viva Glam Gaga. When swatched, I was surprised to find a strong lilac tone to it, which I hadn't expected and on the lips, it appears slightly lighter than on the hand and maybe even loses that lilac quality depending on which light it's in. You can see the difference even in my skin colour in the pictures below, never mind the lipstick colour (the same with my hands above). It is a very difficult colour to wear, I'm not going to lie and pinks are not really my comfort zone for lips surprisingly (given my hair colour). However after all the bother I went through to get it, I'm going to make it work somehow.


  1. mines been dispatched but hasnt arrived yet im not expecting it till the new year!

  2. so pretty :)


  3. hey lady!
    Not that I'm trying to feed your shoe habit or anything
    but have you seen the schuh sale online?
    It started today I think, and there is so much irregular choice reduced!
    It made me think of you so I had to come on over and tell you!



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