Wednesday, 1 December 2010

F*@!in' Arses!

Remember I said the MAC Pink 4 Friday lipstick was sold out on it's first day of release last week? I went online at 10am that day and it was gone already, seeing as it's only available online and only for 4 Fridays, I expected them to be able to deal with demand and have sufficient stock levels to at least last through the first day (week) of sale. So I emailed them and didn't get a reply. I emailed again last night and got this reply;

"Thank you for taking the time to contact us and for your interest in M.A.C.

We regret to advise that all stocks of the Pink Friday Lipsticks are now completely depleted.

We trust the above addresses your concern. We hope that we have the opportunity to serve you in the near future."

And that's why I'm swearing! What a bunch of idiots, that's so freaking stupid. Exactly how many lipsticks did they have in stock? Clearly not enough. Thanks for disappointing me yet again MAC!


  1. This is why I kind of hate MAC, they think everyone has time to go straight to a MAC counter when they have an offer, and they NEVER have enough stock! I'm mad too! grrrr

  2. I love mac products but I hate it that they make it so difficult to get your hands on a LE product. They don't neeed to create any more hype around new collections as they know the stuff will sell, they'd make so much more money if there was enough products.

    It's annoyiing that you'd have to stay up till past midnight to get the pink Friday lippie. I'd put money on it that they ARE available this Friday though.

  3. Have you tried the selfridges website?

    it says its in stock :)

  4. I bought mine online from Selfridges - came really quickly! x

  5. Completely agree. They simply don't make enough products, I know they like to create a buzz and get everyone running to the shops because of limited stocks. But its daft. It seems to happen with every collection they bring out, I wanted cunning lipstick couple of months back and I couldn't get a hold of it for love nor money (but I found a lipstick just like it thanks to your posts a couple of weeks ago ;P).

  6. KawaiiFreakxXx-Yeah it's even worse when this is an online exclusive, even harder to get : (

    Beautyfiend-exactly, I'm not really the type of person who wants something more because it's limited, actually that sort of deal is starting to annoy me. They should definitely make enough to go around! And they've just said they'll get more stock in a couple of weeks-guess whoever I spoke to wasn't aware of that! Useless!

    welldressedbeauty-totally didn't think of the selfridges site, thank you! Have they just started selling MAC online? Got up early today for it, but it was gone by 8am. Thankfully MAC will be getting more stock, so I'll just have to buy it at midnight when that's available!

    Sparklyem-Congrats girl, do you love it? Do I need it?

    Steph-ah glad I could help (and enable)-was that from the dark lipstick swatches I did?

  7. They were the same with Sir Teddy bear from Tartan Tale.
    They sent out the e-mail on the Thursday morning, I was actually sitting at the computer when it arrived but he'd already sold out!!
    They are taking e-mail addresses on the site, so maybe they're getting more? It's not the most wearable colour anyway, so I'm not bothered!! :/

  8. Yeah I swithered with whether or not to get Sir Teddy and actually saw him in stock and managed not to buy...I just don't have any pennies for him : (

    I've signed up for the lipstick email, but going to sit by my computer at midnight on the 16th and wait for it!!


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